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4 fascinating facts about him - Winteringhamfields

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  • Frank Catania is a well-known television personality, real estate developer, bodybuilder and businessman
  • He is better known as the ex-husband of reality queen Dolores Catania
  • Catania shared two children with his ex-wife Dolores Catania

Frank Catania, Dolores Catania’s ex-husband, is a well-known television personality, real estate developer, bodybuilder and businessman.

In addition, he is better known as the ex-husband of the queen of reality Dolores Catania. He also appeared in the reality series “The Real Housewives of New Jersey.”

1) Age and background

Frank celebrates his birthday on May 28 every year. However, his exact date of birth is unknown at this time. According to various institutions, he was born between 1967-1970.

Catania is originally from North Haledon, New Jersey, United States. He currently resides in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida, USA. Her mother’s name is Lorraine Catania, who died many years ago. However, his father’s identity is still being reviewed.

Frank Catania is the ex-husband of Dolores Catania
Frank Catania is Dolores Catania’s ex-husband (Source: Yahoo)

Moreover, he has a sister named Lori Catania.

Speaking of his academic background, he finished high school at Manchester Regional High School. He then received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Delaware in 1986.

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2) What is Frank Catania doing now?

In 2019, Frank participated in the reality TV series, “The Real Housewives of New Hersey”, where he made his television debut. In addition, she appeared in the documentary “60 Minutes” and in the series “Watch What Happens: Live”.

In addition to his reality TV personality, he is an entrepreneur and a former lawyer. In 1991 he was admitted to the bar, and since then he has been practicing. However, he was fired in 2017 after being involved in a controversy.

He currently owns a gym called Gold’s Gym of Teterboro. He is also a partner at Catania & Ehrlich, PC. In addition, he specializes in real estate business.

3) Are you currently dating?

Frank has been rumored to be dating since 2020. During the RHONJ season 10 reunion, he mentioned that he was dating someone. When host Andy Cohen asked if he had ever stayed at his house at night where he lived with Dolores, David and Frank at the time.

Frank Catania appeared on RHONJ
Frank Catania appeared on RHONJ (Source: Screen Rant)

He said no, while Dolores added:

“She has one hour access”

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At the time, he revealed that his girlfriend was 30 years old. According to him, she could appear on RHONJ in the future. Speaking to Melissa Pfeister on an episode of the Side Piece podcast, he revealed:

“I’ve had a girlfriend for a while now … she’s never been with her [the show].And who knows? Maybe this year, in the next season we’re filming, she can make an appearance, okay? ”

Well, his girlfriend’s identity is still being reviewed.

4) Do you have children?

Frank Catania with children
Frank Catania with children (Source: News Unzip)

Frank is the father of two children, whom he shared with his ex-wife Dolores Catania. The couple got married in the late 1920’s, but their relationship didn’t last long and they broke up.

In 1995, he was blessed with his first child, a daughter named Gabrielle Catania. Similarly, his second child was born in 1998.

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