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6 anime like Sword Art Online - What to watch until Season 5 of Sword Art Online?

Looking for anime like Sword Art Online? Fans of anime who also enjoy MMORPGs were thrilled when Sword Art Online was released, and are now looking for anime like Sword Art Online. SAO is a series of Japanese light novels and was produced as an anime in 2012, being a huge success later. Although there have been many complaints about the overall excellence of Sword Art Online, there is no denying that anime fans simply loved the show and couldn’t stop watching it.

In anime, players use a virtual reality accessory called Nerve Gear to control their game avatars with their minds, but players’ joy quickly turns to terror because they realize they can’t disconnect from the game in the first season. The only way to get back into the real world for those who are trapped is to go up to level 100 and kill the final boss, which seems impossible.

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1. Ragnarok’s record

Ragnarok's record

Ragnarok’s record

Record of Ragnarok is the first anime like Sword Art Online on our list and is a very nice anime for those who like quiet battles. This anime performs so well that you will want to learn more about each protagonist. You will also enjoy the exchanges between the characters who are fighting and the way in which each fight is full of passion. Moreover, the soundtracks perfectly complement what you see through this anime like Sword Art Online.

Record of Ragnarok takes time to give you something about each character so you can relate to him. The plot is good, the art is good, the music is good, and the characters will be your favorite part of the show.

2. Shaman King TV Show

Shaman King TV show

Shaman King TV show

Because Shaman King is so condensed, he feels rushed and is the second anime like Sword Art Online. We want to emphasize that the tempo will be significantly improved after Episode 8 and later and will approach a standard anime tempo. Because it is one of the first supernatural shonen, people can easily make connections with newer ones, so those looking for a classic should check it out.

If you’re expecting something gloomy like Jujutsu, this anime can’t offer you that. It’s really a light anime and it becomes more philosophical later.

3. B: The beginning

B The beginning

B The beginning

It’s really unusual to see that an anime of this caliber has as many chances as B: The Beginning, making it one of the anime like Sword Art Online. B The Beginning is an ambitious and truly fun trip worth seeing. The concept is completely absurd on paper, but it becomes even more puzzling in motion due to the meticulously constructed graphics. His sci-fi police process, such as Psycho-Pass and Death Note, takes him to the next level, and the concepts of these anime piled on top of each other in the 12-episode season result in an excellent anime worth checking out.

4. Cagaster of an insect cage

Cagaster of an insect cage

Cagaster of an insect cage

We meet Kidow 30 years after the apocalypse, when a new disease turned 1/3 of humanity into ugly, bloody and massive insects in Cagaster, making him one of the anime like Sword Art Online. Kidow is an insect exterminator and when he tries to escape from a swarm, he discovers that he is not the only one trying to escape. The car of the others crashes in an accident in which the driver dies and a father and a daughter were in the car. The story begins when our hero takes the girl to her mother.

5. Sword Gai: The Animation

Sword Gai Animation

Sword Gai Animation

Although some have said that this anime is the weakest of the Netflix originals, it has tried to describe what people look like when they are angry, terrified or greedy. Sword Gai has a story that is not unusual and is easy to understand. The protagonist is a lonely guy who likes to be alone, but in the end we find out that this is due to the darkness that follows him.

In general, the narration and the characters are not particularly convincing, but the anime has tried to demonstrate how human beings behave when caught, making it one of the anime like Sword Art Online.

6. High invasion

High invasion

High invasion

High-Rise Invasion offers an intriguing idea and a solid start and is the latest anime like Sword Art Online on our list. It’s full of mystery and intrigue, and this anime is about a group of individuals who are thrown on a strange planet and have to find a way out. Give the program a chance because it’s fantastic, because the fast-paced mystery of the series is a significant attraction, because you’re immediately put in the character’s shoes.

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