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8 fantastic reasons to visit the mineral wells

Two years ago, my daughter contacted a mineral water company called “Crazy Water” to be a local sponsor for our Southern Travelers Explore Conference. The water tasted great - refreshing, smooth, with no aftertaste or weight, as you might find in some mineral waters - and had an attractive name, but I went no further than drinking it.

Fast forward: My husband and I were on an RV in Texas, and we went on a day trip to Mineral Wells, a nearby town. When we got to the historic city center, there were signs of Crazy Water everywhere we went. Suddenly I was looking forward to exploring and seeing what was so special about this little Texas town and its crazy The water.

Mineral Wells is located in the north of Texas Hill Country, 56 miles from Fort Worth and 82 miles from Dallas. It is also located on the famous Brazos River. In the 1900’s, Mineral Wells was known as “America’s Way to Health” and was a spa destination.

1. Unique water

Crazy water was discovered in 1881 and brought people to the Mineral Wells to drink healthy water. The story is that a demented lady used to drink water from the well in the area every day and suddenly it started to get better. Another person who crowded at Mineral Wells was a man, Ed Dislike. Ed drank the magic water and was restored to better health. Then he founded the famous Mineral Water Company in 1904. Almost 120 years later, people still drink crazy water and look for its holistic properties. It is the only bottled mineral water in Texas.

There are four varieties of crazy water: no. 1, no. 2, no. 3 and no. 4 - easy to remember. Nr. 2, a pleasant mixture of No. 1 and No. 3, is the most recognized and widely sold, while No. 4 is the strongest and fullest mineral water. The label boasts “full of useful natural minerals”. There are water coolers for taking crazy water samples all over the city or you can go straight to the track and go to the source, the famous Mineral Water Company.

You will drive under the Crazy Water arch as you close North Oak Avenue to reach the historic Crazy Well on 209 N. 6th Street. Here you will find souvenirs, bottled water, Crazy Water souvenirs and some other interesting trinkets. You may bring your own bottles (recommended by a gallon jug or larger) to fill them with Crazy Water from the famous original Pavilion.

Funny fact: The first “Crazy Fountain” was dug in 1881 by Billy Wiggins. More than 3,000 people camped on the property and drank 10 cents a glass. Over the next few years, another 125 wells were drilled.

Microwave bath at Crazy Bath House in Mineral Wells, Texas.
Microwave tub at Crazy Bath House
(Photo credit: Melody Pittman)

2. An incredible spa experience

Next to the Famous Mineral Water Company is a nice house from the early 1900s, where the Crazy Bath is located. I admit that the process of calling to make an appointment seemed a bit outdated, but the next day, the spa technician called back and was able to frame me and my husband (Eddie) for a spa package for couples. It was only the second time I had a couples massage, but for $ 105 each, I booked a 20-minute mineral bath, a 30-minute deep tissue massage, and a hot towel on my arms and legs. If you prefer a Swedish massage, the price is USD 90 per person.

We completed our documents and waited in the living room for the meeting time. Placed in separate rooms, our soaking was first, which was in specially made weird-looking tubs (called microbubble tubs) filled with crazy water. We were given a bottle of crazy water to hydrate because they asked us to use the hottest water we could handle. I relaxed in the tub he was holding water at room temperature and it seemed heavenly to me. I’m not sure how my husband did it, because he’s 6’1 ″, but he says he didn’t have any problems.

Fun fact: Crazy Water No. 3 is used for mineral baths.

Next is our couple massage. My beautician had been doing body treatments for 16 years and had the most amazing hands. I felt my stress and body aches fading. Then they wrapped hot towels soaked in mineral water around our feet and arms for the end. It was pure happiness.

Now here’s the truth. I have back problems - like in 23 years of back problems - and after my treatment, I felt better than I have in recent years. The next day, I jumped out of bed without pain or soreness and felt a spring in my footsteps. My husband also noticed an improvement in his feelings. I’m already planning to visit the spa in my next Texas adventure.

Funny fact: Some of the benefits of Crazy Water include calcium, manganese, silica, potassium, zinc, sulfate, fluorine, magnesium, chloride, alkalinity and baking soda..

For someone who has had spa treatments all over the world, I’m not even kidding when I say it was one of the best massages I’ve ever had in the country. This was partly due to our qualified therapists, Sylvia and Audra. The Crazy Bath House is open Monday through Saturday from 9:00 to 17:00 by appointment only.

Funny fact: In 1909, Mineral Wells had two sanatoriums, 46 hotels and boarding houses, and four bathrooms.

The famous Mineral Water Company statue in Mineral Wells, Texas.
The famous statue of the Mineral Water Company
(Photo credit: Melody Pittman)

3. The historic city of Texas

The main street in downtown Mineral Wells, North Oak Avenue, is lined with nice shops and restaurants. There are also some new attractions, one of which is Crazy Water Hotel and Plaza. Other points of interest in the city include the Vietnam National War Museum Complex, the Old Prison Museum, the Little Rock Schoolhouse Museum and Lake Mineral Wells State Park for swimming, boating and fishing. You’ll also find the 20-mile Lake Mineral Wells State Hiking and Cycling Trail, which is connected to the state park.

Shopping in downtown Mineral Wells, Texas.
Shopping in the center of Mineral Wells
(Photo credit: Melody Pittman)

Since I became a full-time RVer 9 months ago, I have experienced many small, sweet towns, and although in different places, they are largely one and the same. The caliber of Mineral Wells shopping options took us by surprise, many in buildings over 100 years old.

We found decorative flags, household items, festive pillows and gourmet food at The Market at 76067 (offering 100 sellers), state-of-the-art bath products and a fantastic selection of plush gowns and beautiful lounge clothes at Sensology , chic clothes for our niece at Coral & Lace Boutique, and sandals at Kraze Shop. I also bought Mineral Wells T-shirts from one of the stores and browsed through a lot of antiques.

Crazy Water Hotel Market and Cafe in Mineral Wells, Texas.
Crazy Water Boutique Hotel Square and Cafe
(Photo credit: Melody Pittman)

5. Noteworthy hotels

The newly opened Crazy Water Boutique Hotel offers 54 elegantly decorated apartments with apartments on the upper floors of the renovated building. There is a picturesque commercial market inside the hotel, which offers eight shops. One is the Crazy Coffee and Water Bar, and the other is Rickhouse Brewing, which opened earlier this year.

Baker Historic Hotel in Mineral Wells, Texas.
Baker Hotel and Spa history
(Photo credit: Melody Pittman)

Another must-see is the three-year restoration project at The Baker Hotel and Spa. This massive 14-storey landmark hotel is truly beautiful and will surely be a major attraction after its renovation. I can’t wait to see him return to his greatness, and I certainly hope to receive an invitation.

Mesquite Pit Barbecue Plate
Coastline at Mesquite Pit
(Photo credit: Melody Pittman)

6. Mesquite Pit (and other places to eat)

Although we were able to have only one meal during our visit, it was a good one. My husband and I had a barbecue at Mesquite Pit, but the dish that enticed us was the Chicken Fried Bacon appetizer. If you haven’t eaten this plate of delicacy, be careful, as I did in Nebraska and Georgia. Thick slices of bacon are dipped in fried chicken dough and served with tomato sauce for soaking. This should be a commodity in the South because it is so good. We also enjoyed ribbed and chest grilled plates with cabbage salad, baked beans and onion rings.

Other restaurants in Mineral Wells include Natty Flat Smokehouse, La Cienega Mexican Food and Brazos Market & Bistro. You can grab a coffee or cocktail from Coffee & Cocktails, appropriately called 76067.

"Girly" mural in downtown Mineral Wells, Texas.
Girly mural on the old Ritz theater in downtown Mineral Wells
(Photo credit: Melody Pittman)

7. Attractive murals

Again, driving in a small town, I did not expect the magnificent, colorful Girly mural to come out to us immediately. It is painted on the old Ritz Theater building.

There are 20 or more great pieces to see, photograph and take selfies around town. You will find a map here. My favorites were Welcome to Mineral Wells postcard and Good night, Loving Road by artist Joelle Bolt.

Clark Gardens Botanical Park in Mineral Wells, Texas.
Clark Gardens
(Photo credit: Melody Pittman)

8. An impressive botanical garden

We headed to Clark Gardens, which was closed for the season, but they let me look around. This quiet property has many places to sit and admire nature, a beautiful water pond and some interesting statues. ornamental pieces. Pay attention to the three different G-scale model garden trains, meticulously woven into the neat landscape. I liked the Historic Tree Trail, with 86 different types of trees, and the iris garden.

Admission is around $ 9 for adults, with a discount for people over 65.

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