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9 Incredible Restaurants to Try in West Hartford

You know you’re in a gastronomic city, when the mixture of tempting aromas floats through the streets, while the deputy chefs prepare for the evening service. The afternoon aromas of garlic and sauteed onions replace the aromas of early morning bread with yeast and grilled bacon that tickles your nostrils.

Finding a great place to dine in West Hartford, Connecticut is not a problem. The difficulty arises when trying to decide which restaurant is the right one. With over a dozen great units, reducing your favorite will require some delicious research.

Many West Hartford restaurants offer seasonal outdoor seating on the terrace, adding to the festive escape feel. The restaurants listed below are organized in no particular order.

Note: Some of the information in this piece was obtained during a sponsored press release, but all recommendations are mine.

Creme Brulee at Artisan in West Hartford, Connecticut.
Artisan burnt cream
(Photo credit: Sandi Barrett)

1. Artisan

One of the best restaurants in West Hartford is Artisan. Hidden in Delamar West Hartford, a luxury boutique hotel, Artisan is a charming, relaxed location with fine dining.

Featuring a chef-led menu that features superb seasonal and local ingredients, you’ll enjoy dishes such as Connecticut River trout cioppino with chorizo, mussels and other seafood gifts; grilled Scottish salmon served with a silky cream of morel mushrooms; or spring ricotta gnocchi with spring vegetables.

When it comes to dessert, creme brûlée is the perfection on the plate. Sharing it with your dining partner is a great way to end a fabulous meal.

Tip: Ask for a seat on the terrace next to the chef’s garden. When the plant is lush, the garden is a pleasant backdrop for your dinner.

Fresh bread at Hartford Baking Co.
Hartford Baking Co
(Photo credit: Sandi Barrett)

2. Hartford Baking Company

If you like bread, then Hartford Baking Company should be at the top of your list. Their artisanal baking products have hmm the factor - when you bite into something and hmm With loud voice.

For breakfast, try the avocado toast, served on a thick slab of wholemeal bread and topped with a nice egg; it is simply delicious. Another fabulous option is their bread with natural dough greased with creamy butter - crispy and soft chewed at the same time - hmm. It also offers a wide range of lunch options.

Have a loaf of bread or two when you get home. Try olive ciabatta or cumin rye bread.

Tip: The upstairs seating area is a quiet place to enjoy dining, coffee and nomadic digital working time.

Zohara Feast in West Hartford, Connecticut.
A Zohara celebration
(Photo credit: Sandi Barrett)

3. Zohara Mediterranean cuisine

Zohara offers guests an exceptional dining experience focused on Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine. They specialize in small plates. I like to share plates with my friends, encourage the conversation focused on food while creating a culinary adventure with your compatriots. Another advantage of the table with small plates - you do not have to dedicate yourself to a single dish. Order five to seven small plates for two people and expand your culinary knowledge to a delicious piece.

My favorite Zohara dish is lamb meatballs with yogurt and Aleppo oil. Smooth, silky yogurt is combined with tender meatballs to melt in your mouth. Try it on freshly baked pita bread for a mini meatball sandwich. Their pita bread is amazing, puffy and fresh from the oven; you can’t buy that from the store.

Other great options on the menu with small plates are shishito peppers with tzatziki, fried halloumi with greens and whole cauliflower fried with pine nuts and pomegranates.

Tip: The Zohara’s dining area is adorned with a jungle of plants, including palm trees, hibiscus and a mass of perennials. It’s like eating in a beautiful garden.

World of Beer Bar in West Hartford, Connecticut.
Beer at the WOB
(Photo credit: Sandi Barrett)

4. The world of beer

Switching to World of Beer for a fresh bar and great bar food is a fun way to meet friends and enjoy a lively discussion with the best. The interior is warm and comfortable on a cool, chilly and comforting day when the summer sun warms up.

Take a seat at the bar and order your favorite beer; you will definitely find one or two that you love from over 100 offers. If you can’t decide, you can order a flight and try more. When you need a small piece, beer nachos are the perfect snack. Other great options include poppy and cheese bites and buffalo cauliflower. It also offers classic pub dishes such as tacos, burgers and sandwiches, along with select entrees such as fish & chips dough with beer and salmon IPA.

Tip: World of Beer is a national chain, but it feels like a meeting place for a local pub.

Martini at Max's Oyster Bar in West Hartford, Connecticut.
Max’s Martin
(Photo credit: Sandi Barrett)

5. Max’s Oyster Bar

Popularly, Max’s Oyster Bar offers guests fantastic seafood in a chic, urban atmosphere. Not just a place for a nice handcrafted cocktail, such as these espressos and lemon blossom martinis, Max’s offers all the expected options of the oyster bar and more. Their skyscraper tower - laden with shellfish, lobsters, oysters, shells and shrimp - is rivaled only by their Hot Seafood Fill, filled with baked shrimps, grilled lobsters, fried squid, shellfish casino, Rockefeller oysters and crab cakes. Both are the dream beginnings of seafood lovers.

Entrance selections range from stunning seafood to rich beef dishes. It’s a tough choice between ahi tuna with furikake crust, seafood bouillabaisse and mignon fillet.

Tip: Max is always busy; Reservations are required for first meals.

Pizza at Restaurant Bricco.
Pizza Bricco
(Photo credit: Sandi Barrett)

6. Bricco Restaurant

Bricco Restaurant is one of those places where you have to give yourself time to decide your options. When you take a menu, there are so many tempting options. You will need to order a glass of wine and an appetizer just to be able to read the menu and think about your dinner wishes. Start with beef carpaccio with peppers, arugula, shiitake mushrooms and Parmesan cheese, or a common appetizer - there are two options - with assorted meat, cheese and acoutremon.

When it comes to entrees, I recommend the potato pie if you like pizza. Caramelized onions, french fries and rich cheeses make it a favorite. The classic pizza comes with a crispy and flavorful brick oven crust. For a plate entree, eggplant or chicken parmesan cheese are so delicious that it’s like eating at Nonna’s house.

Tip: Bricco’s is always busy at dinner time. Leave early (dinner service starts at 16:00) or make reservations for early meals.

7. Vinted Wine Bar

Vinted Wine Bar is a great stop where you can order over 70 different wines by the glass. For a wine connoisseur, the range of options is exciting. You can order a 1-ounce, 3-ounce glass, or a 6-ounce full glass, giving you a multidimensional wine experience.

Stop by for a glass of wine and a small plate to start the evening. Happy Hours are from 2:30 pm to 5:30 pm Tuesday through Saturday. Alternatively, they have a great selection of rye, bourbon and whiskey for an after-dinner hat and a sweet treat.

Tip: Vinted is located in the Blue Back Square section of West Hartford, a few blocks from the busy city center.

Chocolate covered cones at Ben & Jerry's.
Chocolate covered cones
(Photo credit: Sandi Barrett)

8. Ben and Jerry

An ice cream after dinner at Ben and Jerry’s is a fun way to end your meal adventure. A perfectly portable dessert, you can take your croissant or cup to one of the many benches along West Hartford Center to enjoy ice cream and watch the people. There are limited seats, so plan your order for ease of walking.

There is something quintessential on holiday about a cup (or a tub) of premium ice cream in your favorite flavor. Classics like Cherry Garcia, Chubby Hubby and Phish Food have found new rivals, including Netflix & Chilll’d, The Tonight Dough and Whiskey Biz. Served in a chocolate-soaked cone, it is a sweet treat that is hard to beat.

Tip: If you have a chicken with you, they can enjoy a mini dessert cup for dogs, such as Pontch’s Mix with peanut butter and pretzels, or Rosie’s Batch with pumpkin and mini cookies.

9. Sally’s and Bob’s

Sally and Bob’s is one of those units in your hometown where you know you will receive handcrafted tables created with personal attention to detail. They’ve been a fixture in West Hartford for decades, so you know they’re doing well.

Open for breakfast and lunch, you will love the classic offers. Omelettes, pancakes, French toast and breakfast sandwiches complement the traditional morning meal. For lunch, consider a classic deli or a club sandwich, melted tuna, ruby ​​or burger.

Tip: Order a sandwich for a picnic at the Elizabeth Park Conservancy, where you can dine on a bench in the park while enjoying the beautiful gardens.

Dining in beautiful West Hartford

You can explore a wide range of cuisine from a wide selection of West Hartford restaurants. Depending on whether you’re into the Middle Eastern, Italian, American, or simply looking for an adult drink break, you’ll find your own gem.

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