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An in-game AI player can hijack your computer by generating code


Microsoft has created a non-player AI and could be dangerous to your computer.

Imagine doing your homework and playing a game of computer and fluff! Someone else is taking over your computer! Well, that’s how advanced AI hacking works nowadays under the layers of games. At the Microsoft Build Developer Conference, Kevin Scott, the company’s chief technology officer, demonstrated an AI assistant for Minecraft. The non-player character in the game is powered by the same machine learning technology that Microsoft tested for automatic software code generation. This suggests how recent advances in AI could change your personal computer in the years to come, replacing the interfaces you touch, enter, and click to navigate the interfaces you simply have a conversation with.

The Minecraft agent responds appropriately to typed commands, turning them into working code behind the scenes, using the game software API. The bot-controlled AI model was trained on large amounts of code and text in natural language, then showed the API specifications for Minecraft, along with some usage examples. When a player tells him to “come here,” for example, the basic AI model will generate the code needed for the agent to move to the player. In the Build demo, the bot was also able to perform more complex tasks, such as retrieving items and combining them to do something new. And because the model was trained in both natural language and code, it can even answer simple questions about how to build things.

Incorporating GitHub Copilot

Microsoft has built an AI coding tool called GitHub Copilot on top of the same technology. Automatically suggests code when a developer starts typing or in response to comments added to a piece of code. According to the company, Copilot is the first instance of what will probably be a lot of “AI-first” products in the coming years, from Microsoft and others. AI for writing code allows you to think about software development in a different way so that you can express an intention for something you want to accomplish.

Now, what are the dangers?

The academics tested the GitHub Copilot on the security front and said they found that about 40 percent of the time, the code generated by the programming assistant is, at best, with errors and, at worst, potentially vulnerable to attack. The co-pilot came with several warnings, such as the tendency to generate incorrect code, the tendency to expose secrets, and its problems judging software licenses. But AI programming help, based on OpenAI’s Codex neural network, has another drawback: just like humans, it can produce weak code. This is not surprising, given that Copilot was trained on the source code of GitHub and ingested all the errors in it.

Copilot is now available in private beta testing as an extension of Microsoft Visual Studio Code. Allows developers to describe functionality in a comment line, and then try to generate code that meets the description. It can also predict what the developer will write in the name of variables and functions and other clues. In other words, it is a step beyond autocomplete and a few ways from autogramming; more like interpretation. Instead of completing a partially typed line based on a narrow set of possibilities, try evoking blocks of code that work as described from an OpenAI GPT-3-related AI model and trained on source code taken from millions of repositories. GitHub.

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