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Anita Baker announces show from Detroit to Little Caesars Arena, tickets go on sale next week

Anita Baker is ready to bring her sweet love back to her hometown of Detroit. The singer who sang soul announced her show scheduled at Little Caesars Arena on Twitter, on Tuesday morning.

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Performance details

Since the announcement of the show was made on Twitter by the singer, the actual date was not informed in that post, also, the tweet did not say anything but the place and that the tickets for the show will be broadcast next week.

Since we know that the singer has not sung in Detriot since her 1995 show, which took place at the Fox Theater, this announcement was quite a big deal. Anita Baker’s last show in the area was in 2010 at Pine Knob and, as we know, Pine Knob is not Detriot.

Baker’s current performance

Baker, 64, is currently residing at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas, marking the first line of live performances at her 2019 farewell concert in Las Vegas.

Anita Baker and her career

Anita Denise Baker is an American singer-songwriter and has made a name for herself in the industry as an artist for her soulful ballads, which she released in the 1980s. the level of legends such as Sarah Vaughan and Nancy Wilson, the legendary figures of jazz.

Anita was one of the most important performers in the field of sophisticated gender for black adults in the late 1980s and early 1990s. artistic.

in 1994, with all her fame, she reduced her professional activities to focus on her home and motherhood. After a long break from a decade in her singing career, Anita Baker has successfully returned to the industry with a new album that has garnered critical acclaim.

Anita applauded Chance, the rapper

During the Las Vegas show, Anita Baker gave a special shout out to Chance the Rapper for helping her regain ownership of her main recordings.

“You want to greet a friend of mine through the music industry, helping me own and hold my main recordings, Mister Chance The Rapper is right there,” Baker announced in the crowd as they applauded Chance.

The 64-year-old “Sweet Love” singer fought against her house to get the rights to her recordings until last year and, with Chances’ help, managed to get them back.

The rapper “No Brainer” adored the wonderful cry and redistributed a clip of the sincere moment on Twitter, writing: “I saw one of the greatest performances of my LIFE last night! Thank you very much @IAMANITABAKER for being an inspiration and an icon for many of us. ”

With the announcement of a new show in Detroit, fans of this legendary singer can not keep quiet and are waiting for tickets for the show that will go live next week.

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