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Ann Turner Cook died at the age of 95; The cause of death is unknown

Ann Turner Cookan American educator and mystery novelist known in the world as original Gerber baby Gerber Products died on June 3 in St. Louis. Petersburg, Florida. She was 95 years old.

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Her death was confirmed by the New Jersey company on its official Instragam handle, stating: years. after”.

The post added: “Many years before she became an extraordinary mother, teacher and writer, her smile and expressive curiosity captured hearts everywhere and will continue to live as a symbol for all babies. We express our deepest sympathy to Ann’s family and to all those who had the pleasure of meeting her. “

What is the cause of her death?

The cause of death of the original Gerber child was not known at the time of writing.

According to their website, in 1928, her photo was selected by Gerber as the image of a baby food advertising campaign, which later became the company’s logo in 1931.

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Cook’s neighbor, an artist Dorothy Hope Smith, drew a charcoal sketch of her when she was five months old and submitted the sketch to a company-sponsored contest for her national baby food marketing campaign.

Cook revealed in an interview with The Associated Press in 1998 that her mother informed her that she was the child in the illustration when she was a small child. She said, “If you’re going to be a symbol for something, what could be nicer than a symbol for baby food?”

Her identity was kept secret for many decades until 1978. There was a nationwide survey to guess who the original Gerber baby was, with a wide variety of answers from celebrities like Elizabeth Taylor to Bob Dole.

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In 2013, Cook told CBS Sunday Morning: “I was probably about 3 years old when my mother pointed to a jar of baby food and said it was my picture. I thought it was a pretty nice thing. All babies are attractive. The reason why the drawing was so popular is that the artist captured the attraction that all babies have. ”

Youth and education

Ann Leslie Turner was born in 1926 in Westport, Connecticut. Her family moved to Orlando, Florida when she was a child, where she completed her primary education.

Turner holds a bachelor’s degree in English from Southern Methodist University. He then enrolled in a master’s degree in English education at the University of South Florida.


Turner began his career as a teacher at Oak Hill Elementary School in Florida. He then joined the English department at Hillsborough High School in Tampa in 1966. He used to teach literature and creative writing.

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One of her students described her as “a teacher who really communicates with students” and who “without any complaint. . . he stayed up late, worked nights and supported his staff with quiet efficiency in their monumental task ”.

She became a novelist after retirement. She was a member of the Mystery Writers of America and the author of the series of mystery novels Brandy O’Bannon, set on the Florida Gulf Coast.

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