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Apple’s iOS 16 wallet brings you one step closer to giving up your wallet

The last two years have been big enough for contactless transactions, and iOS 16 is ready to make another push to make you give up your physical wallet. The changes to iOS 16 include some features that will be limited to areas of the United States, but Apple is also open to making some of its features open to other platforms.

First, Maryland and Arizona now support Wallet ID, Apple’s digital ID verification service. In addition to these two, Apple shared that another 11 should come soon, without further information on which states. Your wallet ID can also be used in applications such as Uber, and you don’t have to share your specific information. For example, it can be said that you are over 21 years old without providing the actual age.

WWDC wallet ID 22

Apple Wallet digital keys can be shared more easily with applications such as Mail, Messages and WhatsApp. Those who receive digital keys will be able to add them to their own Apple wallet with just a touch of the same applications. This is obviously useful for hotel room keys, but perhaps most surprising is that it may not be a feature only for iOS 16 and beyond.

It seems that Apple is working to provide this feature to Android users using industry standard technology. If Apple had thought the same thing about RCS …

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