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Autonomous vehicles are insensitive! This recent incident is proof

Autonomous vehicles

Autonomous vehicles are facing massive reactions after Cruise GM blocked an ambulance

Autonomous vehicles are facing widespread market adoption, but now there has been more controversy over the use of self-driving cars in the real world. And rightly so, these controversies have a meaning behind them. A few days ago, early in the morning, a San Francisco Fire Department truck responded to a fire and attempted to pass a double-parked garbage truck using the opposite lane. But suddenly, an autonomous car, produced by the General Motors subsidiary, Cruise, without any driver, tried to block its way. If the car had a driver in it, it would have diverted the car in the opposite direction, this GM-powered autonomous car would have stayed right there! Now, this kind of title really demotivates car enthusiasts to explore the field of autonomous cars and could also cause huge financial loss for car companies.

The Cruise vehicle remained in place and the situation was resolved only after a garbage truck driver quickly returned to the vehicle and finally managed to move it. Even though the problem was resolved fairly quickly, it still endangered the life of the patient who called an ambulance during an emergency. Experts believe that this incident has clearly shown how insensitive cars can be driven. Even if AI achieves a more ethical and conscious position, its adjacent technologies are still far from its progress.

This incident also raised some questions about the ability of AV to handle emergencies in case something unexpected happens on the road. The inability of an autonomous car to respond instantly in the same way as humans has caused massive disruption and debate in the automotive industry. “Level 5” autonomy is quite far away, but by then car companies should implement some sort of security system that would allow these cars to act instantly in an emergency.

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