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Bill Barr may have resigned as Attorney General, but he is still working hard to degrade the Bureau

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Bill Barr resigned as Attorney General in December 2020, and yet he manages to dishonor the office 18 months later. Just look at this idiot who looks forward to how proud he is to turn a law enforcement agency into a partisan body.

Did you feel that the task of a prosecutor was to investigate violations of the law and to secure convictions? Well, let the former law enforcement officer in the country let you down.

I’m very proud of John Durham. And I take responsibility for his appointment. I think he and his team did an exceptionally capable job, both revealing very important facts and presenting a convincing case to the jury. And the fact that he - while he failed to get a conviction from DC jury - I think he accomplished something much more important, that is, he revealed the truth in two important areas. First of all, I think it crystallized the central role played by Hillary’s campaign in launching, as a dirty trick, the whole Russiagate Collusion Narrative and igniting its flames.

First of all, the elaboration of a media narrative is not a prosecutor’s job, though, after witnessing Barr’s attempt to interpret the Mueller Report as Trump, it’s not surprising to hear that he thinks the DOJ’s main goal is to be a hype man for the GOP.

Are you one of those old-fashioned lunatics who thinks a prosecutor’s job is to win convictions? Did you feel that Special Counsel John Durham filed a case of exceptionally weak false statements against attorney Michael Sussmann and then fell on his ass, as he predicted, when it took the jury only six hours to acquit him?

On the contrary, my brother! It is “much more important” that the US government spend more than $ 4 million on Hillary Clinton’s slag and claim that she is somewhat responsible for the FBI investigating Trump’s ties to Russia.

Here on Planet Earth, Sussmann’s report about the strange pings between a server in Trump Tower and Alfa Bank in Russia had exactly nothing to do with the FBI that opened its Crossfire Hurricane investigation. First of all, that investigation was already underway when Sussmann came in the door to present his exact report (!) To James Baker. And it is extremely insincere for Barr to claim the opposite, when he knows damn well that Trump’s campaign adviser, George Papadopoulos, was upset when he boasted in front of an Australian diplomat that Russia was about to release -democratic emails stolen to help Trump. And then he did.

If Trump had been able to stand still and let it go, instead of asking for an oath of allegiance from James Comey, he probably would have been fine. Instead, he fired the FBI director and then asked Deputy CEO Rod Rosenstein to prepare that ridiculous note in which he rightly said that Comey must leave because he had said bad things about Hillary Clinton when he announced his decision not to. throw her in jail by email. However, here is Bill Barr who claims that the real job of a prosecutor is to say bad things about people accused without murder. Strange, is not it?

But Barr hadn’t finished inventing shit.

“I think it revealed a really horrible behavior of the FBI and the FBI’s top supervisors, who knowingly used this information to start an investigation into Trump and then tricked their own agents into lying to him. and refusing to tell them what the real source of this information was, “he continued. “And that was awful.”

Again, none of this has ever happened. The Sussmann case only targeted Alfa Bank’s server allegations, which had nothing to do with the genesis of the Russian investigation. However, the DOJ’s Inspector General, Michael Horowitz, found that the investigation in Russia was properly supported.

But what can you expect from a guy who got the AG job by writing a note outlining his theories about unlimited presidential power; lied about the Mueller Report; denied Michael Flynn’s indictment; subpoena the recommendation of the prosecutors for Roger Stone; tried to massacre SDNY on Saturday night in an apparent attempt to protect Rudy Giuliani; sent anti-riot police to American cities based on nonsensical claims about Antifa super-soldiers flying around the country wreaking havoc; whipped up absurd lies about rampant election fraud and the dangers of ballot papers; and even led Fox’s airways to complain about a “jihad” over hydroxychloroquine by bad Democrats eager to deprive COVID patients of totally ineffective treatments.

And yet, no matter how low you put the bar for ethical conduct, Bill Barr still manages to get under it. What an absolute shame for the profession.

Liz Dye He lives in Baltimore, where he writes about law and politics.

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