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Biomutant for PS5 has been added to the PSN backend

Biomutant was a post-apocalyptic third-person RPG that depicted a world in which anthropomorphic animals, instead of human survivors, survived the world after a great disaster. Depending on who you ask, the game was relatively ok, but as a release that was intended exclusively for PS4 and Xbox One, it had some limitations that prevented PS5 and Xbox Series owners from enjoying it. It looks like Biomutant for PS5 has been added to PSN Backend and it’s only a matter of time before we see it.

PS5 Biomutant - Is it the second time the charm?

The leak comes again from Reddit user the_andshrew, who pointed out House of the Dead Remake and Stanley Parable for PS4 / PS5, as such, there is an image that is directly related to the PlayStation API, which makes this a rumor very hard to deny.

Biomutant for PS5
Biomutant for PS5 found on PSN Backend

Biomutant was at most a regular game, and while it failed to attract enough fan or demand for DLC or additional content, a PS5 version could be something for PS5 gamers to give enough reasons to review. the game, a few months later they put the controller on this title.

Although Biomutant for PS5 has probably not been on the wish list for the upcoming video game release season, we may receive an official update or trailer in the coming days, as June and July are months that can be full of news for game revelations.

For now, it is recommended to take this news with generous amounts of salt, but given the history of the disseminator, it is very unlikely that this rumor will not come true.

What do you think about the updated version? Do you expect it to be free for existing owners or will they have to pay extra money?

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