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Capcom confirms recent leak of Street Fighter 6 character list

During State of Play last week, Capcom unveiled a new trailer for Street Fighter 6, as well as a release date in 2023. The publisher planned to reveal more details later this year, including the character list, but leaks have appeared in advance. Instead of avoiding the problem, Capcom directly addressed the leak, essentially confirming its validity.

Street Fighter 6 is set to be released in 2023 for PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X / S and PC. The game does not come on Microsoft’s latest Xbox One system, but Street Fighter 6 marks a return of the Xbox franchise, as Street Fighter 5 was a PS4 exclusive. The game is built on RE Engine, which has fueled Capcom’s major releases for several years.

Ryu 5.0

As for the list of characters, there are 22 characters planned for Street Fighter 6 so far. Some of these characters are the favorites of the fans, but there are also some new faces sprinkled. The leak, which you can see in full on Resetera, shows all the characters with their Japanese names written below.

Capcom did not ignore the situation, tweeting that “we all saw things we shouldn’t have seen” and thanked the fans for their positive feedback and support.

KitGuru says: The leak seemed quite legitimate from the start, but Capcom’s tweet essentially confirms it. Due to the sounds, Capcom was going to announce the list quite soon, probably at EVO later this year.

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