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Chloe Ferry cries in devastation when she is thrown from a flight with her boyfriend Johnny

Chloe Ferry burst into tears when her boyfriend Johnny and she were thrown from a plane in Los Angeles for a business trip.

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Chloe’s “bad luck” incident

Former star Geordie, 26, took to her Instagram on Wednesday to share with her fans the excitement of leaving for the United States for a special event, but just moments later, the star shared her incident and “Her evil.” luck.’

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She shared that the couple arrived at the airport and they were all excited because they were ready to embark on their flight to LA, but soon after they were thrown off the plane because they did not have visas.

Chloe’s story on Instagram

As Chloe whispered her story, she was clearly upset and said, “We were both absolutely upset. Johnny paid so much money to upgrade. ”

“Then we take flight, everything is going well. We don’t have visas. We’re sitting here. Just my luck. “She added

“It simply came to our notice then. I’m a very unlucky woman. ” she shared her story, but then added that “I have to laugh because if I don’t, I’ll cry. The flight took off five minutes ago - we’re out of luck. “

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“It simply came to our notice then. We are at one of the largest airports in the world. We have no idea where our suitcases are. The suitcases are probably flying to LA. “

She added that “Not only everyone, but I went on holiday with my family three days earlier, so I could still be with my family.”

“And today is one of my best friend’s birthdays, and what she had planned was absolutely amazing.”

“All my friends are there, having the best time. That’s what the cookie is all about. ” She even shared a post saying she had a “massive FOMO.”

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Chloe even said that her boyfriend, Johnny, could not get a refund for the places he passed in business class and was told that “This day is going from bad to worse”.

Chloe and Johnny

Reality star Chole Ferry has been dating Johnny since November, and the two are already sharing their plans to start a family together. Only recently did Johnny express his devotion to Chloe in a romantic gesture of writing his name on her neck. The tattoo is quite visible, starting at the collar and ending at the ears.

Johnny even shares a picture of himself kissing Chloe as the couple smiles and shows off the tattoo. Chloe even wrote, “She tattooed my name.”

Since they got together, the couple has posted many pictures of themselves together on their social networks and the trips they make. Although this trip got worse for them, shortly after the incident, Johnny and Chloe returned to the hotel, and Chloe, trying to be safe, said that they would have a steak for dinner. As we know, food can cure anything !!

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