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Chrisean Rock admits to physically abusing Blueface’s mother - Married Biography

Blueface allegedly hit his mother in the face. source: Urbanzisland

  • Chrisean Rock admits that he got into a physical argument with Blueface’s mother and sister.
  • Blueface’s mother and sister went on Instagram to post about the physical fight.
  • Rock confessed in a video that she was the one arguing, not Blueface.

Blueface - his mother and sister accuse him of a physical struggle

It seems that Blueface is always surrounded by controversy. Now, his mother and sister accuse him of physically abusing them. Chrisean Rock is also involved in the controversy.

From videos to posts on their social networks, the rapper’s mother, Karlissaand sister Kali He continues to accuse her of physically injuring him.

The news of the fight came when Karlissa, Blueface’s mother, and Kali, his sister, posted about the violence they are facing.

Karlissa went to Insta to post a close-up video with a black eye.

Blueface’s mother and sister accused him of becoming physically ill. source: Hollywood Unlock

She then posted a story in which she said:

“All I know is that my son will never bring that person back into my family, and that’s all that matters. Keep going

Karlissa later clarified that the posts were not addressed to her husband, writing:

“If… [were] My husband would definitely not be at my son’s house or restaurant today, so don’t play with me. “

Just hours after the post, Kali posted a video accusing her brother of physically harming their mother.

Blueface’s mother’s eyes were black from the fight. source: Urbanz Island

She said:

“You’re dead ** Blueface is a lame ** black,” Kali said. “N *** a deada ** hit me and my mother in the face, and black is lame and receives no respect.”

Their mother again supported her daughter and shared a story on Instagram in which she wrote:

“Never forgive him” for “what” [he] she did ”to her sister and her husband.

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Chrisean Rock defends Blueface in the video

As if the family drama wasn’t enough, Chrisean Rock stepped in and blamed himself for the fight.

In a video, which was filmed by Blueface, Rock admitted that he hit Karlissa and Kali because they didn’t let them choose.

Chrisean Rock admitted to hitting Blueface’s mother. source: Urbanz Insider

Referring to Blueface’s mother in the video, she says:

“I beat her, but I’m not happy about that.”

Blueface responds:

“No, there’s nothing to be happy about.”

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