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Congratulations to Agillic Matas for his Danish Digital Award winnings

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At the Danish Digital Awards 2022, Agillic Matas won awards in the “Marketing Automation”, “Commerce” and “Customer Experience” categories. This is another recognition of Matas’ innovation and dedication to excellence in digital marketing.

At last night’s awards ceremony, Matas won gold in both “Marketing Automation” and “Commerce”, as well as silver in the “Customer Experience” category. Just last month, Agillic AO Johansen and Matas were awarded first and second place respectively at the Dansk Erhverv e-commerce awards in the “Omnichannel” category. This next round of earnings highlights the wide range of benefits that can be unlocked and supported by truly data-driven omnichannel marketing automation.

Consumers are increasingly looking for brands that can meet their expectations for relevant, highly personalized marketing communications. Matas has repeatedly proven to be a pioneer of digital marketing, showing brands in Denmark and beyond what can mean truly creative and personalized communication for a company’s success. As the omnichannel marketing automation platform chosen by Matas, Agillic is proud to support it in this activity.

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Agillic CEO Emre Gürsoy says:
„CongrCongratulations to Matas once again! We are delighted to see them receive the recognition they deserve as an innovator of omnichannel excellence. We know how powerful, flexible and intuitive the Agillic platform is - but our customers are wonderful and dedicatedke Matas, that shows us why he is really capable. ”

Says CXO Agillic Rasmus Houlind:
“Silk leads the automation of omnichannel marketing to the limits that very few retailers in the world manage to do. With a perfect mix of Brick & Mortar retail, e-commerce, a loyalty club, product subscriptions and even the new Club Matas Plus loyalty subscription, Matas’ omnichannel configuration capitalizes on more complexity than most omnichannel players in the world. We are proud that the Agillic platform plays a key role in this.

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