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Delta is announcing summer flight schedule reductions, which means this for your travel plans

If you plan to travel with Delta this summer, we recommend that you check those flights again. The airline is announcing major discounts that will affect the busy summer travel season.

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Cutting flights

Starting July 1, Delta Airlines will reduce approximately 100 daily flights to the United States and Latin America. But the cuts are only temporary; Delta hopes to resume some flights in early August. Delta officials say program reductions are needed to better serve their customers on the flights they will continue and to reduce travel disruptions. Delta identifies a number of factors that cause the airline to reduce flight routes.

“More than ever before in our history, the various factors that currently affect our operation - weather and air traffic control, supplier staff, increased rates of COVID cases that contribute to higher than planned unplanned absences in some working groups - have as a result of an operation that is not consistently up to Delta’s industry standards in recent years, ”said Allison Ausband, Customer Experience Manager.

Holiday weekend

Delta’s decision to restrict its flight schedule comes after a bumpy holiday on Memorial Day. The Atlanta-based airline canceled about 80 flights over the busy weekend. The continuing shortage of staff - both for the airline and for air traffic control - has caused some of the cancellations, with a leaking effect that has caused even more delays and cancellations across the country.

The reduction in flight schedules comes as passengers intensify their summer travel plans after the COVID-19 pandemic crushed the airline industry. Delta Airlines says it is trying to adapt as best it can, given the circumstances.

“We know there is an extreme demand to fly with a very comprehensive schedule, but we continue to adapt our network and other aspects of our operation to balance customer demand for Delta with the realities of our operating environment,” said Ausband.

The airline’s troubles

Delta Airlines is not the only airline facing travel issues this summer. Alaska Airlines and JetBlue Airlines are both slowing down their flight schedules due to staffing issues. American Airlines and Southwest Airlines are already preparing for a smaller capacity than expected due to a lack of pilots.

Air traffic control problems - especially in Florida - also lead to flight delays and cancellations. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) says it is working with airlines and aviation groups to reduce future airline disruptions. However, most airlines expect problems to remain throughout the summer and plan accordingly.

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