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Destiny 2 Iron Banner The Daily Challenge Explained

The daily challenge of the Destiny 2 iron banner is a new edition that comes with Season of the Haunted. It’s an extra day to fill in for some Pinnacle equipment, and that’s something we can all count on - anything that helps Destiny 2 grind is appreciated.

However, there is a fair amount of confusion surrounding the idea of ​​Iron Banner Destiny 2’s daily challenges, just because of the way Bungie labeled them. We are here to remove this confusion.

What are the daily challenges of Destiny 2 Iron Banner?

destiny 2 iron banner daily challenge
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Destiny 2 Iron Banner’s daily challenges are completely separate from the Iron Forging mission and your usual Iron Banner rewards. You don’t have to take up your challenges or activate them anywhere.

Instead, you can see the daily Iron Banner challenge when you hover over the Iron Banner in the Crucible playlist. For all intents and purposes, it’s just another challenge like the weekly Strike or Gambit.

The way the daily challenge works is that there is a set of four challenges in total, launched individually over the first four days of the event. There are only four versions of the daily challenge, so if you’ve done them all, you won’t have access until the next time Iron Banner comes out.

The confusion lies in the way Bungie labeled the challenge - it is labeled “weekly” rather than “daily”. This is not necessarily wrong, there are four daily challenges as part of an entire weekly rotation. However, it is much more complicated than it should be.

For your sake, ignore the whole “weekly” part of the daily Iron Banner challenge. All you need to know is that Iron Banner is active every week, there is a set of four challenges, with one launched every day for the first four days.

What is the daily challenge of the Destiny 2 iron banner?

Week 1 Day 1

Iron Banner’s first daily challenge is to complete three matches using either a Void or Solar subclass. This needs no explanation, just play your games with the relevant subclass equipped and you will complete the challenge.

We will have all the daily challenges here as they are launched.

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