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Destroy all people! 2: Re-asked, the images are unlocked due to closed beta

A handful of so-called individuals have appeared on the Internet images from Destroy all people! 2 - Interrogated againThe recovery of Crypto companies for PCs and consoles last year was taken over from a closed beta that took place a few days ago.

The images we see below don’t show much, just a screenshot of the start menu, a loading screen, and a scene. Everything was then recorded off-screen, which means it’s not exactly the highest quality. But much more interesting is the information shared by the author of the leak, who claims that he tried the game in the closed beta period of one hour.

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The user claims that the construction he tested is perfect for what he saw in the Destroy All Humans ad trailer! 2: Re-investigated last year, “The game is diverse and addictive” and there are subtitles in Russian, although the location is not the best. On the other hand, one of the sensitive points is that “the level of optimization leaves much to be desired.”

destroy all people 2

As always, take the above information with a grain of salt, because there is nothing official. However, if a really closed beta has been released recently, then maybe some news about Destroy All Humans might be coming soon! 2 - Mandatory to come to stores, except in unforeseen circumstances 2022 PC, Xbox Series X | For S and PS5.

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