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Details of “Economy” and micro-transactions in Battlefield 2042 have been revealed

In April, we reported that an in-game store for Battlefield 2042 was data mining, suggesting that micro-transactions were received. Well, it looks like the time is right for the launch of Season 1, as EA has revealed the “economy” of Battlefield 2042, Battle Pass, “Battlefield Currency” and more!

Before anyone twists their panties into a pile, EA confirmed that the fight will be “fair to everyone” and no one will gain an advantage in the game by spending real money and only cosmetics and other things that they will not offer. A game advantage will be available for purchase with real world money or Battlefield Currency.

Battlefield 2042 Economics and Micro-Transactions Overview:

Player progression:

Progress in Battlefield 2042 is as easy as playing and gaining XP. Helping your team, defeating enemies, winning matches, goal game - these actions earn you experience points. Once you have accumulated enough XP, you are promoted to the next level of player, which means new rewards such as weapons, gadgets, cosmetics and much more. Stay tuned to our channels for future events where you can earn even more XP. But as you fight, you’ll progress through this season’s Battle Pass.

Battle Pass - Free and Premium:

There are two ways to progress in Battle Pass: Free * and Premium. Access to the former is free for all game owners, and the latter is accessed by purchasing a Premium Battle Pass or for those who already have a Year One Pass **. All new game-related content, such as specialists, weapons, vehicles, and so on, will be free for all Battlefield 2042 players. This content can be unlocked via Battle Pass. If you lose content released in one season, you can unlock it at a later stage.

Each season’s battle pass consists of 100 levels, and the more you play, the more you advance through them. Game-related unlocks such as Weapons and Specialists, plus other unlocks such as Battlefield Currency will be included in the Free Battle Pass levels, available to all players. 30 of the 100 rewards are available to all players as part of the Free Battle Pass. However, Premium Battle Pass comes with a reward for each of the 100 levels. Going Premium lets you unlock some really special skins, player card backgrounds, weapon charms, eliminations, extra battlefield currency, and more.

Battlefield Currency:

Battlefield Currency - or BFC - is the main currency in Battlefield 2042. BFC can be either purchased for real money or earned by progressing through Battle Pass levels (including some of the free levels) and earning BFC as a reward. You can spend Battlefield Currency on a variety of things; cosmetics, a premium fighting license and item packages.

As I mentioned, players will not gain an advantage in the game by spending real money - Battlefield Currency can only be spent on things like cosmetics that will not give you unfair advantages on the battlefield.


The in-game store is where you can unlock many different items by spending Battlefield Currency, or “BFC”, which is purchased with real money or unlocked by progressing through the Free Battlepass levels. In the Store you will find skins for weapons, vehicles and Specialists, which will make you stand out on the battlefield. We will update the Store regularly with new content and offers, and some may be purchased as discounted packages. Don’t worry about missing items after a while; most of the content will remain in the Store.

Use Battle Pass points to unlock Battle Pass levels:

To reach a new level in Battle Pass, you must earn Battle Pass points. They are purchased in two ways: by gaining XP from the game of any game mode in Battlefield 2042 and completing weekly missions. These missions will challenge you, for example, to resurrect 10 teammates or capture 5 conquest flags before the end of the mission period.

If you have a Premium Battle Pass, you can also spend 150 coins for the battlefield in a Tier Skip, which allows you to move to the next level immediately.

For those who don’t know, season 1 of Battlefield 2042 is scheduled to begin in “early June,” which is set to take place next week or so. Before that, EA had already started making major changes to the game, as DICE announced that the classic Battlefield Portal maps would be moving to All-Out Warfare.

Source: EA

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