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Devolver Digital “Marketing Presentation” announced for June 9th

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While more and more video game companies are eliminating shows and the like, Devolver Digital continues their own show on June 9th! Funnyly called “Devolver Marketing Countodnw to Marketing”, players should still expect revelations of the game and lots of parodies if the publisher’s shows are as good.

Here is the announcement via the press release:

As the industry continues to falter in a series of canceled video game conferences, Devolver Digital has bravely stepped in to fill the gap with an unfiltered marketing attack on June 9 at 3:00 p.m., Pacific live on Twitch.tv / Twitchgaming. Revolver Marketing Countdown takes the glorious 30 minutes before a big summer anti-climate showcase and puts it in the spotlight.

Based on extensive consumer research and concentration tests, Devolver scientists have learned that the countdown in front of a shop window is when the public’s hopes are high, before the inevitable disappointment arises. the largest countdown the industry has ever seen. But at what cost?

Looks like this is part of the Summer Game Fest event, which means there will definitely be new game announcements. We’ll be sure to report anything tangible, so stay tuned here on MP1st!

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