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Diablo Immortal classes - all Diablo Immortal characters so far

As Diablo Immortal approaches a full release (seriously, the wait can’t be much longer, can it?), We’ve decided to take a closer look at some of the game’s features to help you plan ahead. time. And where better to start than with a list of Diablo Immortal classes? This is the biggest choice you will make in your future action MMORPG, as it dictates your entire style of play.

Fortunately for longtime fans of the show, many of the favorites are back. Whether it’s the violent barbarian, the mystical monk, or the undead-loving necromancer, you can play the mobile version of Diablo in much the same way as Diablo III. However, it will not be exactly the same, as NetEase and Activision have adjusted the experience fundamentally enough to fit on mobile.

But, we will go into all this and more in this guide. If you are looking forward to the arrival of this ARPG, be sure to follow our guide to the release date of Diablo Immortal, especially since the June 2 release is near. By the way, our download guide Diablo Immortal lets you know how to install the game. Now, let’s take a look at Diablo Immortal Courses which have been confirmed so far.

What Diablo Immortal classes can I play?

The Diablo Immortal Barbarian carries out an ax attack

Barbarian Immortal Devil

Your favorite massive fighter appears in Diablo Mortal in all its bloody glory.

Skill Explanation
Old lance Throw a piercing spear
Blood and rage The barbarian’s supreme ability, fueling his basic lacerated attack to be stronger and further attack the enemy.
Chained spear Throw three chained spears that deal damage while firing enemies at you
cleave Deal damage to all enemies in front of you before leaving bleeding damage
Demoralize TBA
Angry charge Travel a short distance through enemies
Stomp to the ground TBA
The hammer of the ancients Invokes a massive hammer to cause high-level damage and shake the ground
Sprint TBA
THROW Pick up the enemy and throw them
Whirlwind Rotate quickly with the blades to cause damage
Berserker’s wrath TBA

The Diablo Immortal Crusader casts a holy spell

Devil Immortal Crusader

Wielding his deadly vial and holy magic, the Crusader confidently enters the battle in massive armor.

Skill Explanation
Blessed Shield Throw your opponent’s shield before pulling him back towards you
Condemn TBA
Conjuring light Call in a beam of light to protect yourself and all nearby allies
Consecration TBA
Falling sword Aim at an area before throwing a sword at the area, before pressing again to throw the crashed crusade at enemies.
Shield loading Load forward with your shield causing damage while stunning opponents for three seconds
Spinning shield Throw a spinning shield to deal damage to all enemies along the way
Broom attack Throw a bipel attack at a radius around the crusade (with the option to hold an extended radius)

Diablo Immortal Demon Hunter firing pistols

Diablo Immortal Demon Hunter

With their double crossbows, demon hunters fight the infernal hordes.

Skill Explanation
Rain of bullets Turn on the Demon Hunter’s crossbow to inflict more damage on a larger area
Crossbow shot Shoot crossbows with heavy damage to opponents
Bold swing Release a hook shot to swing on the battlefield as you attack enemies
Multishot Shoot a wide range of crossbow shots to hit more opponents
Rain of revenge Shoot an attack with AoE arrows at enemies from above
Bombard Rotate in a circle, shooting multiple crossbows at a selected radius
Unleash hatred Shoot a rollover attack with any enemy shot down in a stunned environment for a short time

The Immortal Diablo monk meditating

Diablo Immortal Monk

These sacred warriors channel the power of their 1,001 gods.

Skill Explanation
The center of the storm It draws enemies at a great radius to the monk
Thunder punches Teleport to a nearby enemy before launching three powerful blows
Flying shot Power through an opponent with a strong blow
Fists clenched TBA
Lightning flow Strengthens the attack with thunder fists, teleporting the monk to opponents and creating a stronger AoE storm effect for each enemy shot down.
Seven-part shot Hit quickly between nearby enemies, inflicting more than seven blows
Wave blow Shoot a powerful attack with an AoE energy ball on the opponents
Light wave Crush the enemies with a concentrated wave of light

Diablo Immortal necromancer posing in a graveyard wielding a scythe

Diablo Necromancer Immortal

Handling death as a weapon in itself, the Necromancer calls the dead to fight for them.

Skills Explanation
Bone armor It breaks the bones in the body to create a protective armor while causing more damage
Bone spikes Invokes bone tips from the ground to cause major attack damage
Bone spirits Summons a spirit that pursues opponents as it deals damage
Order skeletons Raise skeletons around you before unleashing them on your opponents
Corpse explosion Explode skeletons in a specific area
Corpse spear Shoot your enemies in a bone spear
gloomy seam Generates a scythe with which to attack the anime, which has a side effect of generating corpses in the area of ​​effect
Skeletal spines Create spikes in the ground to stab enemies

The Diablo Immortal wizard casts a spell

Diablo Immortal Wizard

The elements are firmly under the command of the wizard, who can freeze and burn his enemies and can teleport out of danger.

Skill Explanation
Arcane torrent Send a barrage of magic projectiles at your enemy
Arcade wind Send a magic wind to cause great damage and send enemies into flight
Black hole Summon a black hole to absorb opponents while causing AoE damage
Disengage Sending a beam
Ice armor Create an ice barrier around you to reduce the damage
Ice cistern Create an ice crystal that you can blow up to cause damage in AoE
New flash Create a nova that follows the wizard and deal damage to any enemies you encounter.
Meteor Summon a meteorite fireball to do damage to your opponents
Freezing ray Shoot a beam of ice that will damage any opponent you come in contact with (ice crystal stackable)
devastation Throw ore into flames to cause damage, leaving behind a trail of fire that drains HP to the enemy
Slow time Create a time-consuming balloon for everyone except the wizard (lasts six seconds)
beam Teleport to a different area

What Diablo Immortal classes can we expect to see after launch?

Given that Diablo Immortal is on the timeline between Diablo II and Diablo III, it’s feasible to see the classes in any of the games appear.

From Diablo II, we already have the Barbarian and the Necromancer, although the Paladin and the Witch probably have many similarities between the Crusader and the Wizard, respectively. That leaves only Amazon to be largely viable to return.

Looking at the Lord of Destruction, both classes of expansion could reach the Immortals. The Assassin and the Druid, focusing on stealth and the magic of nature, respectively, are quite unique compared to the others.

From the Diablo III batch, all but the Wizard are available in Immortals from launch, so it wouldn’t surprise us much to see that class arrive shortly after launch.

If you want to be able to play the latest Diablo title on your computer as well as on your mobile, make sure you check the Diablo Immortal system requirements and the Diablo Immortal server list.

Or, if you want to get an interesting perspective from the developer behind the game, be sure to check out our Diablo Immortal interview. We also have a list of the best games like Diablo, if you want to continue the hellish times.

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