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Diablo Immortal is launching early on iOS

Diablo Immortal shouldn’t be released until tomorrow, but if you’ve pre-registered for the app on iOS or Android, you may find that the game is already downloading. This afternoon, users started receiving notifications that the game download was ready and of course the game is not only downloadable but also playable.

I received the same notification on my iPhone and have already downloaded the game and can confirm that it is currently available here in the UK. No VPNs or secondary accounts were used, everything came directly through iOS to my regular UK App Store account. However, it is worth noting that Blizzard may restrict access if this is an error, and since the game launches a day earlier than planned on mobile, there may be downtime for maintenance on a mobile device. moment today.

Diablo Immortal will include full cross-play and cross-progression between computer and mobile. Blizzard also says that it has “made extra efforts” to keep the major elements of the Diablo control scheme, so the game should be familiar to those who have already played a Diablo game on all platforms. The game will also come with gamepad support on mobile and PC, so you can choose to use a controller instead of touch controls or a keyboard and mouse.

Although Blizzard has not yet detailed the monetization or micro-transactions in the game yet, the canceled launch in Belgium and the Netherlands suggests that the game will have some kind of loot.

KitGuru says: I haven’t had a chance to play much yet, but I’m intrigued to see how this game turned out after its infamous 2018 release.

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