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Diablo Immortal will not be released in the Netherlands and Belgium due to lootboxes

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Blizzard’s next entry in the Diablo series, free-to-play exclusivity for mobile and PC Devil: Immortal, will no longer be released in the Netherlands and Belgium due to lootbox legislation.

Launched on June 2, Devil: Immortal Initially, it included these two regions in the official list of countries where the game will be available. However, just days before its release, the Dutch news channel Tweakers received a statement from a communications manager at Activision Blizzard stating that the game would not be released. The reason given was “the current operating conditions in these countries”. This was even after players were able to pre-register for the game, an option that has since been removed.

More context was given on the game’s official subreddit, where a Blizzard employee wrote: “Unfortunately, players in the Netherlands and Belgium will not be able to install Devil: Immortal due to countries’ gambling restrictions. In-game rootboxes are against the law in your country, so unless the gambling restrictions change, the game will not be released in the Netherlands and Belgium. It would be illegal to download the game in another country like France. “

Blizzard itself has played an important role in this lootbox legislation that was adopted in 2018, after games like Overwatch paid close attention to the potential dangers of in-game gambling systems. While specific details on how Devil: ImmortalIts working boxes will not be revealed yet, these statements and the free-to-play nature of the game almost confirm that they will be available for real money.

Devil: Immortal It has already been a difficult battle to climb after a disastrous announcement at BlizzCon 2018, however, since then it seemed to have regained some goodwill due to the launch on the PC and the positive impressions of the preview. This stumbling block just before launch is certainly not the kind of thing Devil: Immortalnot to mention Activision Blizzard, it needs it right now.

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