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DONTNOD Entertainment is now called DON’T NOD, it has six games in development


DONTNOD Entertainment, the studio that brought us Life Is Strange and Vampyr, has been around for 14 years. Its anniversary has just passed, in fact, and to celebrate, the company has undergone a visual overhaul and a Easy name change. It’s now called DON’T NOD, and it has a new, stylish logo next to the new name.

Obviously, for most of us it is an extremely minor change, but the developer is clearly happy with this new identity. “I am very proud of the journey that DON’T NOD has been in for the last 14 years,” said CEO Oskar Guilbert in a press release. “The company has evolved in many ways, with a strong will to pave the way in creating and publishing meaningful entertainment through original and storytelling stories that empower our talents and players to inspire change, no matter how small. A visual review of this new brand will help. it conveys our basic identity. ”

Indeed, the company has expanded to a new location in Canada and is moving into the world of gaming publishing. The same press release states that the studio has “six internal projects” under development right now and is working to self-publish them as well as help launch third-party games. The video above shows how DON’T NOD intends to adapt the new logo to suit each game, while teasing the titles mentioned.

So all systems switch to DON’T NOD - what do you think about this change? Looking forward to the new studio games? Tell us in the comments section below.

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