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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 85 Release Date: Saiyan Pride

Vegeta and Goku feed off to defeat their greatest enemy to date, Heeters’ Gas, in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 85.


Realizing their true heritage and the pride that comes from being a Saiyan, the two charge against the powerful Gas. But what is their strategy to win this impossible match?

Chapter 85 Dragon Ball Super Release Date

End the battle between Gas, the most powerful warrior in the universe, and our beloved Saiyans. You can browse through the entire series until the fight only on the official Viz Media website.

The newest chapter of the Granolah bow, Dragon Ball Super chapter 85 will be released on June 20, 2022.

Saiyan pride

In the last chapter, we saw the battle between Gas and Bardock, all these years ago. With Bardock coming out as the winner, Goku’s past has been revealed. The chapter revisits the whole idea behind Goku’s character.

At the beginning of this chapter, we see Goku remembering the events of Dragon Ball Zero. In which we see the story of Bardock sending Goku to another planet, while Freezer is about to destroy Planet Vegeta.

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After watching the footage from Bardock’s scout, the two Saiyans suddenly realize. Making it clear that the way to win this battle is not another power, but the spirit of a Saiyan.

Talking to Monaito, they express their new feeling about Saiyan pride and how Saiyans fight in any situation. Both Vegeta and Goku are healed by Monaito because they decide to solve their problems directly.

Direction against gas

Facing their eventual conviction, Vegeta and Goku confront Gas. But before the fight, Elec asks his two brothers about the previous fight and about the condition of Goku and Vegeta who are instantly charged when Gas arrives.

They tell their older brother that both Vegeta and Goku reached this shape when they fought Granolah. Elec rejects the possibility of the Saiyans winning, as Gas was crowned the strongest after Granolah’s fight with them.


Throughout the chapter, we see Vegeta and Goku trying to give their best, but to no avail. They try everything they can, but they can’t beat Gas. Vegeta even builds an energy explosion, the God of Destruction, but the power of the Gas pushes Vegeta and Goku into a corner.

The chapter ends when Gas makes Vegeta, but he is not willing to stretch, claiming that his power increases with each shot he takes from Gas.

What to expect next?

The next two chapters could be the end of the battle between Gas and the two Saiyans, as well as the Granolah bow. But how would they win against the most powerful fighter in the universe?

Well, Bardock managed to defeat Gas by being pushed into the corner, but feeding on Saiyan’s pride. And the Saiyans will overcome Gas in this battle without any new transformations, apart from Saiyan pride.

This new dynamic, Saiyan pride has gathered negative feedback from the public. Claiming to fix Goku’s character motivation and undermine his past adventures, he also unceremoniously ruins Dragon Ball’s power system.

Maybe this isn’t the first time Akira Toriyama has messed with scaling the power of the show. The biggest criticism of Dragon Ball Z and Super has always been scaling power. But hopefully, within a certain margin, Toriyama can change the current mood of the public towards Goku.

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