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Emily Jeannette Behrs - Beth Behrs’ sister

Emily Jeannette Behrs is world famous as the older sister of Beth Behrs, who is an American actress and animator. Emily is an amazing and strong woman who runs the foundation called “SheHerdPower” and is also the organizer of the Monte Nido program. It is native to America and its star sign is Aries.

In addition, Emily is also a co-founder of SheHerdPower, an organization dedicated to assisting raped survivors. She is really focused and diligent in her work.


Jeannette opened her eyes on December 26, 1985, in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA. She is a beautiful daughter of David Behrs and Maureen Behrs. Her mother was a former teacher, and her father was a school principal.

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After graduating from school, Emily began her career as a developer. Later, she felt compelled to start a charity to help rape victims. So she set up her own non-profit organization, SheHerdPower, to support the goal of helping rape survivors recover from equestrian therapy. Emily is also an event planner.

Also, Emily is a big supporter of Beth Behrs, her little sister. Beth began her career with a high school TV show called “American Pie Presents: The Book of Love,” which premiered in March 2009. She also appeared in various comedy shows.

In addition, Beth is an author who follows in the footsteps of her older sister, Emily Behrs. The sisters appeared together at several events.

Personal life

Emily is still single, although she has a boyfriend named Scott Middough. Scott is a composer by profession and currently resides in Los Angeles. The couple is completely in love with each other.

Moreover, Emily is a dedicated woman, passionate about the goals and dreams of her life. She manages her personal and professional life admirably.

Berhrs also has a charming younger sister named Beth Behrs, who is six years younger than him. The two sisters are very close to each other. They are also attending the twelfth annual Stuart House Benefit, which was sponsored by John Varvatos on April 26, 2015 in Los Angeles, California.

Net worth

Emily’s net worth is expected to be huge as a developer and co-founder. Scheduling is also her main source of income.

She also owns a Porsche Cayenne Platinum, which costs about $ 76,000.

Emily Behrs Social Media

Emily is quite active on social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter, all with a large fan base. The actress has a lot of posts on her Instagram account, @emilybehrs, but she changed her profile to a private profile.

Similarly, Behrs is quite active on Twitter, tweeting on a variety of topics. She also included some of her amazing photos.

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Beth Behrs - Emily’s sister

Beth Behrs is an amazing American television actress who came into the spotlight thanks to her hit American television show “2 Broke Girls”. She is also a writer who has written a self-help book and comic web Dents for Young Adults.

Also in 2017, she published “Total Me-Tox: How to Ditch Your Diet”, “Move Your Body” and “Love Your Life” which represent her journey to well-being and happiness.

Speaking of her personal life, Behrs moved to Marin County, California with her family when she was 15 years old. In 2001, she enrolled at Tamalpais High School and was admitted to the school’s prestigious acting program. In 2004, he graduated from high school.

Furthermore, Behrs attended the American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco and performed in the musical Dangling Conversations: The Music of Simon and Garfunkel, as well as in the plays “Korczak’s Children” and “A Bright Room Called Day.” He has a classical singing experience.

Beth’s net worth is estimated at about $ 6 million for an actress and a writer. She earns a huge amount of money from her professional career.

Moreover, Beth is also known on social networks, with a large number of followers.

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