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Ethereum is struggling to gain momentum, and Bitgert is making good progress


Ethereum may start gaining momentum soon, but Bitgert will remain optimistic

Key points:

  • Ethereum mergers in August and more upgrades are expected to boost the Ethereum project
  • Bitgert V2 roadmap projects and hundreds of projects that the team adds to the ecosystem attract a lot of attention

The Ethereum project has struggled to grow significantly. Ethereum has collapsed, with a 33% drop in the last 30 days since this article was written. The bear market was one of the reasons Ethereum fell. In fact, all bear markets have allowed the price of Ethereum to reach lower lows.

Ethereum is also struggling with a high gas charge and low scalability. In fact, the high gas tax was attributed to increasing pressure on Ethereum sales and declining transaction volume. That’s why Ethereum has been doing badly lately. Ethereum has also struggled to gain momentum because of these challenges.

However, Ethereum could start to gain momentum due to the massive updates that are taking place. Ethereum is being updated in the second phase, which introduces PoS and the fragmentation chain. The long-awaited Ethereum merger date in August was confirmed by Vitalik Buterin.

The merger refers to the combination of the old Ethereum (ETH) chain with the Beacon Chain (ETH2), where the two chains will become a single unified chain. Therefore, the price of Ethereum is expected to start rising rapidly as the adoption of the Ethereum chain increases after the merger.


Bitgert (BRISE) has made good progress when people like Ethereum are fighting. In fact, Bitgert is one of the few cryptocurrencies to have experienced less pressure during the bear market. Bitgert’s price was optimistic, while Ethereum fell. Massive developments in a very short time were the most attractive factors.

The massive adoption of the Bitgert BRC20 blockchain is one of the reasons why Bitgert is doing well. The Bitgert team has also launched Bitgert Startup Studio projects, which increase the adoption of Bitgert coins. However, the Bitgert V2 roadmap draws a lot of attention.

Multiple products in the Bitgert V2 roadmap, including Paybrise, Bitgert CEX, Oracle Web3 and the Bitgert NFT market. There are also over 1000 projects supported by Bitgert that will be released next year. These products and projects are expected to increase Bitgert’s adoption and keep Bitgert’s currency optimistic.

Therefore, Ethereum may start to gain momentum soon, but Bitgert will remain an optimistic currency. This is due to the massive developments in Bitgert that are taking place this year.

Posting Ethereum is struggling to gain momentum, and Bitgert is making good progress.

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