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EU lawmakers will meet this month for USB-C everything, including iPhones

I’ve heard of EU lawmakers who could force all mobile device manufacturers to adopt the USB-C charging port for a while. If passed, this law would ensure that all phones, tablets and headphones sold in Europe have a USB-C charging port. This change would reduce both e-waste and make people’s lives easier. We are in the middle of 2022 and we still have to carry various cables for charging different devices. Fortunately for users, we seem to be getting closer to a world where USB-C is the universal charging standard. EU countries and EU lawmakers could agree to apply a single charging port to all mobile devices next week.

According to a Reuters report, EU countries and EU parliamentarians to agree on common charging port for mobile phones, tablets and headphones on June 7. This particular case was first raised by the European Commission many years ago. Finally, the results could be realized in the near future. Apple has criticized the move in the past, citing how it forced it to use USB-C stifle innovation. In addition, the Cupertino-based technology giant believes that switching from Lightning to USB-C cables would create a mountain of e-waste.

Next Tuesday’s trilogy will be the second and probably last of the EU countries and EU parliamentarians on the subject, an indication of a strong impetus to reach an agreement, people said.

At the moment, Apple uses the Lightning port on all its iPhones, while using USB-C on some iPad and Mac models. This inconsistency makes no sense at all, given that the company referred to the latter as a dated international standard. In addition, rumors indicate that the 2023 iPhone could include a USB-C port. Apple may not have wanted to relinquish control (through its proprietary port), but is now under pressure to do so.

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Source: Reuters

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