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Everything we know about Google’s first smartwatch

The long-rumored Google Pixel Watch is finally official and comes with the new Pixel 7 series phones this fall. Our first official look at the clock someone left at a restaurant earlier this year. Pixel Watch arrives after years of alleged leaks, rumors, delays and cancellations. So without further ado, let’s get everything we know about the Google Pixel Watch in one place to see how it looks.

Before we begin, it is worth mentioning that we also include leaks and rumors in this article, in addition to the official information that is already available. Not everything you are going to read is official, unless otherwise stated. We’ll be adding more details to this page over time as we get closer to launch day, so keep an eye out.

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Google Pixel Watch: pricing and availability

It is rumored on the street that the Pixel Watch could be priced between $ 300 and $ 400. This would put it in line with other popular smartwatches on the market, including the Apple Watch Series 7, Galaxy Watch 4 and more. There is no official confirmation yet, so we’ll have to wait for the announcement to see if that’s the case. Google also seems to be cooking up to three Pixel Watch models with different connectivity options. According to the FCC, one of the models offers Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, while the others also have LTE support.

A person wearing a Pixel Watch on his left hand while holding a Pixel with both hands

Google has confirmed that it will be releasing Pixel Watch in the fall. It is absolutely logical to bring both the watch and the new phones to market. If past events are to pass, then I guess the Pixel Watch will be released alongside the Pixel 7 family in October. We’ll see if the Pixel Watch will be available for purchase in all major markets around the world. Google has a habit of limiting its Pixel phones to just a few markets, though that could change with the Pixel Watch.

Google Pixel Watch: Specifications

I haven’t heard much about the Pixel Watch in terms of specs. Google is saving these details for launch later this fall. Some early reports suggest that the Pixel Watch may include the Exynos 9110, a relatively old chipset with 1.5 GB of memory and 32 GB of storage. Exynos 9110 is built on a 10 nm process, wrapping two Cortex-A53 cores. It’s more efficient than Qualcomm’s latest wearable chipset, which means it can pair nicely with 300mAh battery rumors. However, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Wear 4100 Plus is not exactly a benchmark for comparison.

The Pixel Watch should be better than Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4 or even the rumored Galaxy Watch 5, which is expected to be released shortly before Google’s offer. It is said that the Galaxy Watch 5 has at least one Exynos W920, which will probably beat the Exynos 9110. All this is just speculation for the moment and it is best to reserve our judgments for later. It is worth mentioning that the FCC list says that the Pixel Watch will have a USB-C charging cable. It is said to come with the same magnetic charging disc that I saw on the Galaxy Watch 4 and other watches, with a USB-C port on the other end of the cable. In terms of battery life, it looks like the Pixel Watch will have a one-day battery life. It’s an estimate that Google says it’s made in-house, though it remains to be seen whether or not it takes into account a permanent display and sleep tracking feature.

Google didn’t tell us much about the clock during the main I / O speech 2022. It’s probably best because the clock itself won’t be shipped until fall. We will update this section with a complete specifications table once we have enough information to complete it.

Google Pixel Watch: Design

Google has already given us our first official look at its upcoming smartwatch during the 2022 I / O keynote speech, leaving nothing to the imagination of our imagination. There have also been many leaks that have led to keynotes, so it is safe to assume that we have a very good idea of ​​what the Pixel Watch looks like. It has a circular face that almost seems to float above the bands. Google calls it a “bulging” design on its website. You can also see a button on the right side of the device along with the crown for navigating the user interface.

In terms of color options, so far we’ve seen models with black, gray and gold casing with black, gray and lime green stripes. Google has not revealed whether it uses aluminum or steel, but we may see both options. We suspect that Pixel Watch also uses proprietary straps, which means you may not be able to use standard watch straps. The tapes we’ve had so far seem to use high-quality rubber material, but we expect Google to actively launch new ones for the watch.

As you can probably see, the round display of the watch seems to have large frames. You can only see them in some renderings, because Google has done a pretty good job of masking them using a clock face with a dark background in almost all of its press renderings. Here is a GIF image in which you can measure the size of these frames. Google didn’t tell us the size of the display or the different sizes of the Pixel Watch.


Google Pixel Watch: software

According to Rick Osterloh of Google, the Pixel Watch will come with an improved user interface. They are likely to have smooth animations and accept a smarter way to interact with received notifications. In particular, Pixel Watch will also have support for Google Assistant, with which you will be able to do things with your voice. It remains to be seen how useful Google Assistant will be. An LTE-compatible version of the Pixel Watch was also shown running Google Maps on stage during the keynote speech. We expect a lot of similar features to take advantage of the LTE connection to help you manage things better when you’re in the city without a phone.

A person using Google Maps on a Pixel Watch

Many of the Wear OS features supported by Pixel Watch are still secret, but we expect to find out more about them in the coming weeks and months, until the official release. We suggest you take a look at our Wear OS 3 review to learn more about the features in detail, although the Pixel Watch experience may be quite different from Samsung’s approach to the Galaxy Watch 4 series.

Google’s Pixel Watch is also expected to have a solid foundation in the health and fitness department. We don’t know much about the sensors in play here, but Google says it will be a great wearable fitness tracker. This could be the watch that brings Fitbit’s top tracking features to the mainstream market. We will also see the new Health Connect API play an important role in creating a vast ecosystem of products that work in tandem to bring rich experiences.

Google Pixel Watch: Wishlist

We’ve heard about Google’s first smartwatch since it renamed the Android Wear to Wear operating system, so we can say for sure that our expectations are set. Here is our wish list for Google Pixel Watch:

Long lasting battery

This is definitely at the top of our Pixel Watch wish list for a number of obvious reasons. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, for example, can last more than a day on a single charge. We expect Pixel Watch to offer something in this regard or maybe even better. It would be great to be able to use the watch for more than a day with all the useful features. We doubt that the 300 mAh battery will be enough to remove it, though. Continuing on the battery, it would be good to have support for a universal charging method. We hope it uses Qi wireless charging and is also compatible with the Pixel Stand accessory.

Voice typing assistant

Google has confirmed that Pixel Watch will receive the Google Assistant when it is released later this year. What’s more, we want to see the Voice Typing Assistant feature on the Pixel Watch. Voice dictation is better - and smarter - than ever on the Pixel 6 and works flawlessly. With this killer feature, Pixel Watch would do much better to reply to messages and emails without having to reach the phone. It could very well be the main reason why many would buy the watch.

Large storage on board

If you’re a person who enjoys downloading music, podcasts, and a lot of apps to your watch, then you probably need more storage space than a regular user. Pixel Watch will probably have 32GB of storage on board, which we think should be enough for all your needs. It’s larger than the Galaxy Watch 4’s 16GB of storage and we think it should be enough store large playlists of high quality content as well as other applications.

The Pixel function decreases for the clock

There is no doubt that the Pixel Watch will have a lot of great features at launch. But we can’t resist the idea of ​​getting feature reductions for Pixel Watch, such as Pixel phones. Regular OTA updates with new features will definitely make the Pixel Watch better than the wearable dam there. It may seem like an illusion, given that this is the first smartwatch from Google, but the company also seems to have taken the sweet time to bring this watch to market.

Google Pixel Watch Sports Edition?

Pixel Watch is likely to have a lot of fitness tracking features. Here we expect Google to leverage Fitbit’s expertise to deliver a quality, health and fitness-oriented smart watch. But how about a sports edition watch dedicated to fitness enthusiasts? Maybe a variant with a different belt design and more tracking functions.

Well, that brings us to the end of our wish list and also to this article, for now. As mentioned earlier, we will continue to update this page with new information as it becomes available to us. In the meantime, be sure to let us know what you expect most about the upcoming Pixel Watch. Also, post a line in the comments below if you have an interesting addition to the Pixel Watch wish list.

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