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The different editions of the Callisto protocol are listed and the season permit has been confirmed, no upgrade plans are mentioned

Callisto protocol different editions

Just yesterday, Striking Distance Studios finally unveiled our first aspect of The Callisto Protocol gameplay. Today, there are several news to share, as the Callisto Protocol has appeared in various editions, as well as confirmation that the game will include a seasonal permit!

On PlayStation Network, here’s what players can choose from if they plan to buy or pre-order the game:

  • Standard PS4: $ 59.99
  • Deluxe PS4 Digital Edition: $ 79.99
  • Standard PS5: $ 69.99
  • PS5 Digital Deluxe Edition: $ 89.99

All pre-orders will receive the following digital bonus items:

Pre-order now to get the following digital content:
- Retro Prisoner character and weapon skin
- Smuggled package (PlayStation only)

So why is the $ 20 Deluxe Edition more expensive? It’s for the seasonal permit! For some strange reason, the Callisto Protocol PSN page doesn’t show it, but on your mobile, you can see the season permit confirmation:


What’s even more interesting is that there is no mention of a free upgrade from PS4 to PS5, which means it’s not an option at all, or that this is something Krafton will activate at a later date (hopefully this is the case).

Also listed on the product page of The Callisto Protocol game are some of the features and elements of the story:

In this horror-based third-person survival game, which takes place 300 years in the future, the player will take on the role of Jacob Lee - a victim of fate thrown in the Black Iron prison, a maximum security prison located on the moon of Jupiter. Callisto. When the detainees begin to turn into monstrous creatures, the prison is thrown into chaos. To survive, Jacob must fight for safety to escape Black Iron Prison as he discovers the dark and disturbing secrets buried beneath Callisto’s surface. Using a unique combination of close-range shooting and fighting, Jacob will have to adapt his tactics to fight fast-moving creatures as he seeks to unlock new weapons, equipment, and skills to overcome the growing threat and escape the horrors. Jupiter’s Death Moon.

The Callisto protocol is a next-generation interpretation of survival horror from Glen Schofield’s mind. Combining atmosphere, tension and brutality with terrifying moments of helplessness and humanity, the Callisto Protocol immerses players in a shocking story, in which unspeakable horrors lurk around every corner.

Set on the dead moon of Jupiter, Callisto, in 2320, the Callisto Protocol introduces players to the role of Jacob Lee, a prisoner in Black Iron Prison. When a mysterious epidemic plunges the moon into chaos, Jacob must face his darkest fears to defeat the bloodthirsty creatures that pursue him as he reveals the dark mysteries of the heart of the mighty United Jupiter Company.

The Callisto protocol challenges players to master a thrilling mix of melee and ranged combat, including a unique gravitational weapon once used by Black Iron guards to control the prison population. Players will be forced to approach their grotesque opponents, break their limbs, lower their legs and become creative with everything at their disposal to survive every encounter for life or death.

One of the most hostile and isolated environments in the universe, Callisto faces Jacob’s desperate struggle to survive. Players must not only face the horrors of Black Iron Prison, but also the centuries-old secrets that haunt Jupiter’s long-dead moon, both above and below the surface.

The Callisto protocol will take place on December 2 on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and PC.

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