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Battlefield 2042 New Specialist Ewelina Lis Details and more data mined; Sneak Peek of specialists in style and tone changes

Just last month, a new Battlefield 2042 Specialist named “Lis” was datamined. Although there is still no confirmation from DICE if Lis is the future Specialist to be implemented at the launch of the 1st season this month, this seems to be the case, as more details about the character have been analyzed along with other things.

Discovered by a trusted temporary Battlefield dataminer, we now know that Lisโ€™s full name is Ewelina Lis (from Poland) and she has a rocket launcher as a gadget! In addition, there are two unstarted stealth helicopters, the RAH-68 Shoshone and the KA-99 Hannibal!

Continuing with the Specialist focus, DICE gave the players a preview of the style and tone changes that come with the characters and see our first look at this with Mackay! You will see a tougher and more realistic look of the character and even the voice line!

As with any mined information, there is no guarantee that it will come into play, as it could be deleted content, things planned for later seasons, and so on. But chances are, since they are still in the game files, season 1 will really be called “Zero Hour”, and the new specialist will be Ewelina Lis!

The wait for season 1 will not last long now, as it is promised to be released in “early June”. We hope that more information about it will be released next week.

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