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Final Fantasy 16 is “fully playable from start to finish”


Final Fantasy XVI director Hiroshi Takai confirmed that the game is “fully playable from start to finish” and that the development team is now focusing on “optimizing and refining” ahead of the summer 2023 launch window.

This, of course, is very good news. Final Fantasy XVI looked fantastic in its latest trailer, which was shown last night Game condition broadcast. From our point of view, the RPG already looks great - and having a whole year to polish things still sounds perfect.

Compared to the development cycles of the latest Final Fantasy titles, this is definitely a good sign. Both Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy XV have undergone various degrees of development, the projects being restarted several times between them. And given its current success, it’s easy to forget that Final Fantasy XIV had to be completely rebuilt before it became the main MMO we know today.

Of course, Square Enix has been loaded with a reputation for striving to produce its blockbusters efficiently - but Final Fantasy XVI seems to be reversing that trend. That being said, we have at least one more year until the 16th is actually released. Let’s hope things go well from now on.

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