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Free PACER searches are coming! Federal justice is boldly entering the early 2000’s!

shock shock laptopGo over “Free Hugs”, there is a new slogan that captures the hearts and minds of young Americans: “Free PACER Searches”.

Probably not, but he’s working with me here.

Reuters reports that a new report from the Judicial Conference confirms that the government’s database of electronically filed documents will move - temporarily - into this millennium! And as lawmakers finally begin to face nonsense, the federal judiciary agrees to go further and release PACER searches when it finishes reviewing the atrocious misery of a system.

Remember when they are looking for big, say, a whole 50 PAGES Could the Internet slow down a crawler and only a 10-cent search fee per page could prevent the chaos from overtaking the judiciary? Yes, no one else right now.

A recent report on the US Conference of the March 15 Closed Meeting held that the policy-making body has given the go-ahead to conduct free PACER searches for non-commercial users in any future review of the system.

How will the judicial system survive this concession? Remember, in an affidavit before Congress, representatives of the judiciary argued that providing free access to public court documents for * gulp * would cost $ 2 billion and bankrupt the judiciary.

The answer, as we knew it at the time, was that it was always completely invented. And a little extra because, as the Federal Circuit pointed out, the fees collected through PACER were disposed of for unauthorized purposes. But what is a small sludge between friends?

There’s a little more catch. While the new free search system will become part of the future review of the judicial system, they do not necessarily waive fees, according to Reuters:

Also, downloading documents costs $ 0.10 per page, with a cap of $ 3 per document, excluding transcription. The court did not approve the abolition of discharge fees.

Well, there’s always the next revision in 2075 or so.

Fed Justice says yes to release PACER searches. Here are the details so far [Reuters]

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