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Free-to-Mint NFT Collection Goblintown could be over Blue-Chip and BAYC soon

Free-to-Mint NFT

Goblins are hopping on the NFT market with a new free NFT project, Goblintown

Cryptocurrency investors are well aware of the free NFT markets, with minimal commitment to the highly volatile cryptocurrency market and the NFT market. Free-to-mint NFT means turning a digital file into a valuable digital asset while launching on the Ethereum blockchain. The free NFT, known as Goblintown, is gaining popularity in recent days due to its valuation of over $ 50 million on the NFT market. It is speculated that Goblintown will surpass the popular NFT, Blue-Chip and BAYC in the near future.

This free Goblintown NFT is known to collect more than millions of sales, with a record $ 22.85 million in 2022. At the same time, it is also known to have earned $ 2.26 million in total sales. of the collection growing to 103.2% efficient. Thus, NFT holders and crypto investors raise their hopes that Goblintown will break the Blue-Chip and BAYC record on the NFT market.

Destination Goblintown

The free NFT Goblintown consists of 9,999 elves and is also considered a colloquial for bear markets. The motto of this project on the NFT market is “No roadmap. No discord. No use, CC0. ” CC0 shows that Goblintown NFT has been registered under creative commons, which means that crypto investors or NFT holders can be free to do whatever they want with their own goblins.

Breaking the Blue-Chip and BAYC records

Goblintown’s total collection was over 4,000 ETH in sales, surpassing BAYC (Bored Ape Yacht Club) records. The free-to-mint project received a boost from a tweet from Sunday Bud that used a global native language. The number of followers on his Twitter account is about 45,3,000 and there are reports that the most important NFT high ticket sold out at the meeting in a week is Goblintown 8,995 sold out for 69.42 Ether or 136,000 USD, Goblintown 5,948 sold out 26 Ether or $ 51,000 and Goblintown 7,994 are sold out for $ 27 or $ 46,000.

Meanwhile, BAYC and Blue-Chip are facing a 55% drop in the NFT market in May 2022. BAYC is known to have fallen by more than 47% to 86.7 Ether or $ 163,000 recently. Thus, Goblintown, free of charge, raises over US $ 50 million in market capitalization and is one of the top 30 NFT collections in the current NFT market. It’s amazing to see the growth of Goblintown only with the presence of Goblins and no real marketing strategies, as well as a fanfare for an NFT project

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