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Google’s Pixel Watch will have a one-day battery life

The long-awaited Google Pixel watch has finally been unveiled at Google I / O this year, although the company has been particularly careful with its specifications. In the past, there has been a leak of the Pixel Watch, while since then, it has been launched by a device that was found in a restaurant just before its I / O debut. I’ve heard that it will include an older Exynos chipset for starters, and I’ve also heard that it could have a 300 mAh battery and support for LTE connectivity. We now hear that the Pixel Watch can have a one-day battery life, an estimate that Google says is made in-house.

The report comes from 9to5Google, citing company sources. They could not determine under what conditions those estimates were, the biggest question being whether or not a permanent display was activated. It also does not mention whether or not that day includes a night of sleep tracking or not. A lot of Wear OS watches have a short battery life, but they will take you a day, a night of sleep tracking and then waiting for you to charge it in the morning while you get ready. Sometimes you can stretch them until the next evening.

As a result, a day of battery life is not too unreasonable for a Wear OS smartwatch, as other smart watches often manage to offer about the same. Only devices such as Huawei, Amazfit, OPPO and others, with their own proprietary operating systems, can extend the battery life of watches.

However, the problem can be particularly ugly when it comes to charging. According to the report, Google Pixel Watch will not provide fast USB-C charging to the magnetic dock charging cradle. It’s not nearly as fast as the Apple Watch 7, which charges to 75 minutes or up to 75% in 45 minutes. This is the worst part, because while a watch with a one-day battery life isn’t great, the fact that you have to wait a long time to charge it may mean that it’s no longer available to anyone who wants it. take advantage of Google’s first smart watch offering. 9to5Google says it takes up to 110 minutes to fully charge, which is a crazy long time.

Think of it this way: Suppose the time of use includes using the watch for a day, sleeping, then the need to charge it. That means charging your full watch for the day (and using it to track sleep that night), you’ll need to charge it for only two full hours in the morning when you wake up. It’s just that it’s not feasible for many people.

We’ll wait to see if these estimates from Google come to fruition or if the company was just conservative in its assumptions. However, this is definitely not a good sign for Pixel Watch.

Source: 9to5Google

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