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Gotham Knights: That’s why the PS4 and Xbox One versions were canceled

During an AMA on the official Discord server (short for Ask Anything) The Knights of Gothamexecutive producer Fleur Marty explained that i reason behind your decision Delete PS4 and Xbox One versions So just PS5, Xbox Series X | The game will be released on S and PC.

Gotham Knights was first announced in the summer of 2020, for both current and old platforms. But a few weeks ago, with the release of a video game with Nightwing and the Red Riding Hood, WB Games announced that the game would no longer be available on PS4 and Xbox One.

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Former executive producer WB Games Montreal is the team’s team to adapt the game for both the old consoles and those of the current generation. hope for qualityhence the painful decision to cancel the PS4 and Xbox One versions.

The Knights of Gotham

The Knights of Gotham

Given the size and scope of Gotham Knight, we should have given priority and focused our efforts to bring the game to a level of quality satisfactory to the current generation.said Marty.

We understand that this is annoying for players who do not yet have a console of the current generation and believe me, we did not make this decision easily, but in the end we wanted to focus on making a game that we can really be proud. .

Please note that Gotham Knights will be available from now on. October 25. Continuing with the topic, I recently found out that the game does not support dubbing and subtitling in Russian, a few days ago the developers responded to criticism about Batgirl and her injury.

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