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Granby 2022 Championships - Draw, Dates, Schedule and Players

The Granby Championships 2022 will present for the first time a WTA 250 tournament and an ATP Challenger tournament being played at the Tennis Club des Loisirs in Granby, which is just over an hour’s drive from Montreal in Quebec, Canada.

An ITF Women’s Circuit tournament was held in Granby between 2011 and 2019, but the 2022 women’s tournament will be the first time the tournament has been classified as a WTA 250 event in the WTA Tour Calendar.

The men’s tournament has been held at Granby since 1993 and is an ATP Challenger 90 tournament.


Granby Championships

Granby Championships

Tournament name: Granby Championships
Tournament sponsor: National Bank
Location: Granby, Quebec, Canada
Tour level: ATP Challenger 90 and WTA 250
Land area: Tough outdoor terrain
Cash prize: ATP: TB WTA: $ 251,750

Granby 2022 Championship Dates

The 2022 tournament will take place at Granby from August 20-28, 2022.

The ATP and WTA tournaments will be played in the same week as the WTA 250 tournament in Cleveland and the ATP 250 tournament in Winston-Salem.

Granby 2022 Championship Tickets

Tickets for the 2022 Granby tournament are not yet on sale.

For more information on 2022 tickets, check out the official tournament website, where you can sign up to be notified when tickets for the 2022 tournament go on sale.

2022 Granby Championship Players

The list of entries for the 2022 Granby tournaments has not yet been published by the tournament organizers.

Come back closer to the start of the tournament, for more details on who will play at Granby in 2022.

Granby Tennis Championship Program 2022

Day Date Sing double
Saturday - Day 1 August 20, 2022 Qualifying matches -
Sunday - Day 2 August 21, 2022 Qualifying matches -
Monday - Day 3 August 22, 2022 First round matches -
Tuesday - Day 4 August 23, 2022 First round matches First round matches
Wednesday - Day 5 August 24, 2022 Matches from the 2nd round First round matches
Thursday - Day 6 August 25, 2022 Matches from the 2nd round Quarterfinals
Friday - Day 7 August 26, 2022 Quarterfinals Semifinals
Saturday - Day 8 August 27, 2022 Semifinals fINAL
Sunday - Day 9 August 28, 2022 fINAL -

Please note that the tournament schedule detailed above is subject to change.

2022 Granby Championship Draw

Draws for the 2022 tournaments will be available for viewing using the links below, closer to the start of the tournaments.

WTA draws: https://www.wtatennis.com/tournament/2070/granby/2022/draws

ATP Discounts: https://www.atptour.com/en/scores/archive/granby/877/2022/draws

Cash Prize for the 2022 Granby Championships

The total prizes for the Vancouver WTA 250 2022 2022 tournament will be $ 251,750, while the prizes for the ATP Challenger tournament have not yet been confirmed for 2022.

How the cash prize for the WTA 250 tournament is expected to be split has not yet been confirmed, but below is how it is expected to be split based on other WTA 250 tournaments.

Prize money for men’s singles

Performance Cash Prize (TB)
Winner $ 33,200
Finalist $ 19,750
Semifinalist $ 11,000
Quarterfinalist $ 6,200
Round 2 $ 4,100
Round 1 $ 2,835

The winner of the 2022 women’s singles event is expected to receive $ 33,200 in cash prizes and 280 WTA points, while the runner-up is expected to receive $ 19,750 and 180 WTA points.

Men’s Double Cash Prize (per team)

Performance Cash Prize (TB)
Winners $ 12,000
Finalists $ 6,700
Semifinalists $ 3,950
Quarterfinals $ 2,350
Round 1 $ 1,800

The winners of the 2022 Women’s Doubles Event are expected to receive $ 12,000 ($ 6.00 each) in cash prizes and 280 points, while runners-up will receive $ 6,700 ($ 3,350 each) in cash prizes and 180 points.

Teams that lose in the first round are expected to receive cash prizes of $ 1,800 ($ 900 each) and 1 WTA ranking point.

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