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GTA Online Summer Patch Notes - Will the New City Coming Soon?

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The great modernization of GTA Online will return this summer. This time, fans can be transported to a whole new city. That’s the suggestion.

New York - More than eight years later, thousands of fans are still playing GTA 5 Online at Rockstar Games. The series continues to captivate fans and players. That’s why the New York developer continues to provide regular updates on the major and minor ranges. For the next big update to GTA Online, fans should probably get an expansion for Liberty City. Therefore, the world map should follow the GTA 4 map.

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GTA Online: Liberty City as an opportunity to fight - Leaker explains how

What loss? New GTA 6 and GTA Online new rumors and leaks appear almost every day. It is imaginary which losses are true and which are false. It is also unclear whether the current GTA 6 leaks will be used in the next large collection in the Grand Theft Auto series or in GTA Online. Recently Dr. Dre’s DLC in GTA Online. Initially, Dr. Dre would produce music for GTA 6. Eventually, the music was added to GTA Online without typing.

Just a few days ago, it was rumored that an extension of the Liberty City map will be introduced in GTA Online in the big summer update. At least that’s what the informant Matheusbr9895_ says. In a few months, GTA Online players will be able to roam and explore Liberty City.

GTA Online: Leaker explains how the Liberty City map will differ from multiple maps

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What should Liberty City look like in GTA Online? Asked about the source, he commented on the subject again, giving more details about Liberty City in GTA Online. Unfortunately, to the dismay of many fans, Liberty City did not take long to fully engage in GTA Online. For your occasion, only a limited domain should be added multiple layers at a time. The New York developer also plans to punish anyone who tries to leave the restricted range of motion for more than 10 seconds.

GTA Online: Liberty City may not be fully accessible on foot, but there is a silver lining

Strong points: So if you’re looking forward to exploring Liberty City in GTA Online, you’ll be disappointed. But there’s a silver lining in the trash: the New York developer was about to launch a special package for GTA Online after the release of GTA 6. This package would contain “some innovative titles from the HD universe.” In a few years, GTA Online players will make not only Los Santos dangerous, but also Liberty City and Vice City.

Who is the trainee? Matheusbr9895_ was eventually hacked more often by fans. The alleged insider Rockstar has shared more information about GTA 6 and GTA Online in recent days and weeks. You guessed a lot of things right in the past. It remains to be seen if this will happen again.

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