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Guide Diablo Immortal Eternal Orbs

In Diablo Immortal, Eternal Orbs are a premium coin that can only be obtained by purchasing packages and packages from the in-game store. This means that you will not be able to get it through farming, selling or any other activity in the game. In essence, it is a pay-to-win system that will increase the power gap between free-to-play and pay-to-win players.

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How to get Eternal Orbs

There is only one way to get Eternal Orbs, which is to pay real money for them in the game. Unfortunately, there is no other way to get Eternal Orbs; they may exist in the future so that free-to-play players can get them, but this is unlikely. Eternal Orbs have the following price:

  • 60 Eternal Globes - $ 0.99
  • 315 Eternal Orbs - $ 4.99
  • 630 Eternal Orbs - $ 9.99
  • 1650 Eternal Orbs - $ 24.99
  • 3450 Eternal Orbs - $ 49.99
  • 7200 Eternal Orbs - $ 99.99

What can be used to buy Eternal Orbs?

Spending Eternal Orbs

Because Eternal Orbs are premium currency, you can purchase a wide variety of crazy good items that will significantly improve your class. Eternal Orbs can be used to purchase the following items:

  • discarded stones- No doubt they will stimulate you, but they will only do so when you have the best slot equipment.
  • platinum coin- You can buy platinum coins with Eternal Orbs, which you can spend on a lot of things
  • Grow- Rare ridges will give you 1 rune Legendary ridges give you a legendary jewel and 3 runes
  • Cosmetics- There is a section in the in-game store where you can buy various cosmetics with Eternal Orbs
Immortal diablo cosmetics


Eternal Orbs is a premium coin that can only be obtained by purchasing it from an in-game store, which makes Diablo Immortal Pay To Win, just like other mobile games. The good news is that as a free-to-play player, you don’t have to buy Eternal Orbs to get to the end of the game. The only downside is that by the end of the game, players who have purchased Eternal Orbs will be stronger than you, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have fun playing the game.

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