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Hale Partnership invests $ 15 million in FedNat’s National Monarch

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A Charlotte investor has agreed to invest $ 15 million in Monarch National Insurance Co., a subsidiary of FedNat Holding Co., a group of Florida real estate insurers that is now undergoing a major loss-making restructuring in the past 12 years. months.

Hale Partnership Capital Management, described as a hedge fund and investment firm, will become the majority owner of Monarch National, which will take on approximately 83,000 of FedNat’s policies in Florida as of Wednesday, June 1st. The “further improvement” of the monarch’s surplus position is shown in a statement from FedNat.

Steven Hale
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The troubled FedNat restructuring was announced in a consent order from the Florida Insurance Regulatory Office on May 13, but the investor and the size of the infusion were not disclosed. The order explained that while Monarch took over some of the FedNat Insurance policies for homeowners, another 68,000 policies owned by FedNat and another subsidiary, Maison Insurance, would be canceled early - by the end of June.

Monarch will cancel about 8,400 policies before taking on most of FedNat’s HO book.

“Upon cancellation of FNIC Florida policies, all uncollected premiums will be remitted to policyholders in accordance with applicable law,” the FedNat press release reads. “FNIC currently has adequate assets at hand to reimburse all unearned premiums.”

FedNat officials said the company was hit hard by Louisiana’s hurricane losses and the winter storm that hit Texas last year. FedNat Holding Co., listed on the stock exchange, reported net losses of more than $ 103 million in 2021 and losses of $ 31 million in the first quarter of this year.

Hale Partnership Capital Management has been run since 2010 by Steven Hale, former Babson Capital Management. In recent years, the Hale Partnership has invested heavily in a number of companies, according to the news and information of the investment company.

In 2017, Hale was named chairman of the board of Stanley Furniture Inc. In 2019, Hale invested $ 24 million in HC Government Realty Trust, a Florida-based company that buys government-leased property.

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