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Help Square Enix develop its new mobile RPG

Listen, all mobile players out there. We can all agree that whenever a new role-playing game is in development, it’s interesting, but when it’s a fresh Square Enix RPG, it takes it all to the next level - just look at Final Fantasy. Those games attest to the company’s reputation in this genre.

Well, we hope you’re ready to take off your socks, because we’re telling you that you can help create Square Enix’s new mobile RPG - so, according to a recent tweet, Square Enix London Mobile, there is a closed beta version working for this mysterious game and you have the chance to get involved and help develop the title.

Of course, you have to be 18 years old to participate in the new closed square RPG mobile beta RPG, but not only that, you have to answer 12 questions when you enter the registration page, taking up about four minutes of your time. to finish. First, you need to read and accept Square Enix’s privacy notice, and then provide specific details, such as age, name, and country of residence.

Where can I sign up for the new Square Enix closed beta mobile RPG?

If you access this link, you may be interested in closed beta.

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