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How to hide emails in Gmail

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Do you want to hide certain emails in your Gmail inbox? You can do this manually or you can set up a rule to do it for you. Here’s how.

Are too many emails blocking your Gmail inbox?

It may be time to start working on them. If you’re tired of seeing certain emails, the best thing to do is hide them.

If you decide to hide your emails in Gmail, you’ll move them from your inbox, but you won’t delete them. Here’s how to do it.

Archive your Gmail emails

The fastest way to hide your emails in Gmail is to archive them. Gmail email archiving hides them in your inbox. They remain available for viewing using the search engine by accessing All emails folder or by checking any other folders to which the email can be attached.

To archive an email in Gmail:

  1. Open the Gmail site.
  2. Select the checkbox next to the email (or emails) you want to archive.
  3. press Archive button.
    Archive emails in Gmail

Gmail will immediately remove emails from your inbox. If you want to archive an email in the Gmail app, tap and hold left or right on any email to do so.

Move emails manually

You can also hide your emails in Gmail by manually moving your emails from your inbox. As with the archiving method, they remain accessible in your Gmail account using the search tool, the All Mail folder, or accessing any connected folders.

To manually move emails to Gmail:

  1. Open the Gmail site.
  2. Select the checkbox next to an email (or emails) that you want to move.
  3. the press Move to.
  4. Select a new email location from the list provided, or tap Create new make a new one.
    Move posts from Gmail

As soon as you select a new folder, the email will move and will no longer appear in your main email inbox.

Create a filter rule

If you want to automatically move emails, you can set up a new filtering rule to do it for you. You can create a new rule in the Gmail settings menu.

Create a new filtering rule in Gmail

For example, if you want to automatically move all emails from Winteringhamfields.com In the mailbox and in a new folder, you can use a filter rule to do this. You can use wildcards (e.g. *@Winteringhamfields.com) to ensure that all emails in the same domain are moved.

Just make sure you select Skip received message (archive it) when you decide on the logic of the rule. This will ensure that the email will never appear in your main mailbox once it is active.

Skip a Gmail filter rule

Do you have to stop the rule? You can go back to settings to turn it off or delete it at any time. The rule will work for your mailbox as a whole, so if you create it online, the same rule will work for you in the Gmail mobile app.

Improve Gmail inbox

The steps above will help you hide your emails in Gmail. However, this isn’t the only thing you can do to fix your Gmail inbox.

Why not change your name? If you are looking for anonymity, you can use a pseudonym. You can also manage multiple Gmail accounts, allowing you to easily switch between them.

Do you want to start over? You can delete all your Gmail emails at any time.

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