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How to start a new game + in Horizon Forbidden West

In case you missed the news, Horizon Forbidden West now offers a New Game + mode, as well as a higher difficulty level and new trophies! Spectacular news, especially for those who want to replay the game with all their equipment and their equipment. Speaking of which, it looks like the start of a new game plus running in Horizon Forbidden West isn’t quite as clear as in other games. Fortunately for you, we are here to help you! Here’s how to put one together for use with your Horizon Forbidden West game.

How to start the new Plus game in Horizon Forbidden West

Unlike many other games that offer this mode, New Game + is not in the main start menu. Instead, you’ll need to upload any saves you want to start a new game, plus the base trip and the base trip. If you forgot where the base was, I marked it on the map below.

How to start a new plus game in Horizon Forbidden West Guide 1

Once you get to the base, you’ll want to get into it and start heading to the main room. You should see Beta in this room and right across from it is a kind of metal headlight (flower?) Where you can activate your new game.

How to Start New Game plus in Horizon Forbidden West Guide 2 How to Start New Game plus in Horizon Forbidden West Guide 3

What’s in the new Horizon Forbidden West Plus game?

All weapons, armor, resources, skill points and even the current level are transferred for New Game + in Horizon Forbidden West. Of course, you will be able to win better equipment in this race, and if you play at the new difficulty level, the new plus game is a great way to be better equipped for the new challenges.

That’s about it! Now that you know how to start a new game and run in the Forbidden West, it’s time to venture out on a new journey, winning new gear as well as new trophies.

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