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How would you rate Sniper Elite 5?

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The Sniper Elite series was an aggressive consequence, the well-known developer Rebellion adjusted its execution with each iteration, rarely reinventing the wheel, but doing enough with the established stealth / sniping game of the franchise to keep it fresh. The latest infiltration of the terrible protagonist, Karl Fairburne, in occupied France is without a doubt the best so far, with a robust level design and a strong and satisfying fight.

“Sniper Elite 5 knows exactly who it is, and Rebellion is on target as always,” I said. Sniper Elite 5 PS5 Reviews. “The developer’s dense French sandboxes are extremely replayable and look fantastic at first. There are some careless gameplay mechanisms, such as the climbing room and the hustle and bustle, but these are easy to forgive. A wide range of difficulty options means that both super-agents and beginners can get something out of this title, and the launch hosting so many different game styles is a real bullet for our hearts - or should they be balls? ”

But now it’s your turn to tell us if you agree! Is Sniper Elite 5 the target or a total rate? As always, we want to know what review score you would give to the game in the poll - and of course let us know. Why in the comments section below.

Remember, if you are still playing the game, then you can find us Sniper Elite Guide 5 via link. And, of course, we’ll keep the binoculars in the direction of the Rebellion developer, and we’ll bring you more Sniper Elite News - including the latest Season Pass of the game - as we receive official information.

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