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I tested Diablo Immortal, the new MMORPG from the Blizzard series on PC

The time has finally come: after much discussion and a long period of closed-door testing, Diablo Immortal has made its official debut on iOS and Android and, simultaneously, on PC, with a beta version that already supports cross-save functionality. progress.

Thanks to the early activation of games downloaded from the App Store and Google Play Store, I tried Diablo Immortal In its final mobile version, we’ll get to the PC version later and continue our Crusader’s adventure in the dark and troubled world of Sanctuary: here’s our guide.

Notes: passes painlessly or almost

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Immortal Devil, Crusader class

Immortal Devil, Crusader class

If you’ve read our previous Diablo Immortal trial, you’ll know that we’re dealing with the Blizzard gaming experience on an Android tablet under the control of a powerful Necromancer, the last of the six attempts. classes Introduced by developers, including Barbarian, Mage, Demon Hunter, Monk and Crusader.

Well, this progress has unfortunately evaporated with the official launch and we had to start over Our adventure chooses to immerse itself in the insidious scenarios of the game, this time wearing the heavy armor of the Crusader and thus opting for a style of direct attacks, rather than summons and spells at a distance.

As mentioned, the Diablo Immortal download is pre-enabled on iOS and Android, and as such, we were able to recover some of the hours lost before moving to the PC client, which was definitely unlocked yesterday, June 2nd. Once you’ve signed in with your account war.netWe found our crusade and others four optional slotscan be used if you want to make multiple versions at the same time.

functionality rescue on the cross It was expected but wow, it was considered natural and proved to be really useful in the context of such a product. In fact, we will be able to continue our progress by moving easily from one platform to another, playing on our smartphone while you are away from home and venturing back to our PC: it’s a very good thing.

computer version

Diablo Immortal, PC version options

Diablo Immortal, PC version options

I ignored the news about the development of Diablo Immortal after it was announced that the game will come on PC, so I discovered that this latest incarnation of the game is still in beta as it is. mobile versions and currently suffers some very important shortcomings.

The feeling that Blizzard is limited to these emulates the Android version In a Windows environment, it makes its way convincingly when we read “tap to tap” on the home screen or when you have to tap and drag to navigate inventory items with the mouse or controller. In short, the game right now not minimally optimized for the platform on which it runs.

Diablo Immortal, a quarter of a dungeon

Diablo Immortal, a quarter of a dungeon

That’s not all: I just mentioned ticket collector It is partially and problematicly supported by Diablo Immortal on PC. For example, the Xbox One pad does not work, refusing to detect the movement of analog sticks. DualSense there is no problem in this regard. However, navigating through the various interfaces is still the exclusive prerogative of the mouse, so you’ll need to keep both devices handy.

The question is unfortunately the technical sector and especially graphic options Here is also Diablo Immortal on PC which emulates what is available on mobile with the possibility to choose frame rate (30, 60, 120 or unlimited), to activate or deactivate the vertical synchronization and to choose a qualitative preset for various effects. change the resolution, apparently reached 1080p. So far no one was able to send in the perfect solution, which is not strange.

build and play

Diablo Immortal, a series of fights

Diablo Immortal, a series of fights

Beyond the shortcomings in the PC, structure And the game Diablo Immortal confirms on mobile the qualities that we have already appreciated in beta, offering an experience that fits perfectly with the franchise but adapted to the new MMORPG context, which brings with it some undoubted advantages but also some unquestionable results.

this combat system well-tested series, upgradeable skills, rich customizable inventory and prey and manufacturing mechanisms and all various PvE And PvP It is perfectly infused with the game formula, with the ability to find other players to face dungeons and events on the go very quickly and then leave the group if you want to focus on solo progress.

Diablo Immortal, one of the first battles with the bosses

Diablo Immortal, one of the first battles with the bosses

We will cover the competitive aspects of the experience in the review phase, but as you know, the content is not lacking and is often intertwined. game over which promises to be very rich and fun and which seems to have been made without ever going into traditional paywalls: microtranzacţii In Diablo Immortal it seems flexible and unrestricted.

When he comes Disadvantages of the MMORPG formulaUndoubtedly, acting with many other players in the script and seeing them fighting enemies unseen to us in the same places where we just fought makes the unique experience a little dirty, and instead highlights the specific sequences and dialogues that it matters. to be included in the narrative.

Technical realization

Immortal Devil,

“Overcrowded” MMO style Diablo Immortal

So the PC version of Diablo Immortal is still here open siteThe game works pretty well when it’s on iOS and Android, but after a few minutes the device needs state-of-the-art terminals to be able to activate the best quality presets and keep the framerate high without overheating. For recording, we managed to set the quality to “very high” (“ultra” inaccessible) on the iPhone 12 Pro, but we decided at 30 fps to avoid overheating.

In a Windows environment powered by RTX 3070, obviously I had no problems playing games. 1080p and 60fps everything is maximum (but even here the “ultra” preset is currently missing) and we imagine that we could easily go to 120 fps and more on compatible TVs. In our case, we didn’t notice any real low definition issues on the 4K display, although 2160p support would obviously make some difference.

Diablo Immortal uses one of his Crusader skills in combat

Diablo Immortal uses one of his Crusader skills in combat

Beyond the lack of performance and features, there is no doubt graph Diablo Immortal is a wonderful view adorned with a style that reminds us in many ways of the second part, thus abandoning the bright colors of Diablo 3 in favor of darker atmospheres. Although some useful actions for the missions are not displayed, a lot of attention has been paid to the details, and the animations seem smooth and well done.

In short, visually Blizzard developers have done a great job, but so has the industry sound pay close attention to detail, consider the dialogues entirely in English (with Italian subtitles), very well interpreted, and overall has a full-bodied and enveloping sound design that manages to be included, especially if you wear a good pair of headphones . .


  • Devil beyond controversy
  • Solid gameplay and lots of content
  • Cross-rescue functionality is a divine manna


  • Currently a failed PC version
  • The nature of the MMORPG brings with it some disadvantages
  • Free-to-play mechanics have not yet been discovered
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