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Instagram updates Reels in 90 seconds, adds easy template mode

Meta intends to take Instagram to the next level, whatever the iteration of the service. But for now, he has to do his best to prevent advances from TikTok and Snapchat. Today, Instagram announced that it will offer new features, especially for creators who use the Reels function.

The creators will now have access to an enhanced sound effects library to add more flavor to their Reels. Creators will also be able to import their sound directly into Reels. The function can be accessed via the “Import audio” switch. This will take an existing video clip that is at least five seconds or more away from the camera roll and import the sound from the video into Reels. Of course, others will be free to use the same sounds once they have been uploaded to Reels.

Instagram is on the offensive, “borrowing” again from its rivals

Previously, Instagram provided support for interactive stickers through its stories. Now the feature is coming to Reels. In addition, you will be able to take surveys, invite an audience to share what they want to see next, or create a fun environment with interactive questionnaires. Of course, the emoji slider sticker will also make its way into Reels, allowing the viewer to rate the content using emoji.

Despite the fact that TikTok increased the duration of its videos to 3 minutes, then to 10 minutes, Instagram takes a more modest approach, increasing the duration of Reels from 60 seconds to 90 seconds. Finally, the most useful feature of the new update is Templates. This will allow content creators to easily sync music and video clips. The template will be pre-loaded with substitutes, which the creators can then complete to create their next masterpiece.

In addition to the Reels update, Instagram recently ushered in a new era by updating the app with a new font and supporting Amber Alerts.

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