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Johnny Depp claims that Sauvage from Dior sees a 50% increase in sales, it is a scent of victory

The world is beginning to see the truth. The verdict in Johnny Depp’s defamation suit against Amber Heard may not have been pronounced, but Johnny is definitely back to life. Depp-approved Dior Sauvage sales have skyrocketed, with fans calling it the “Smell of Victory” and “The Best Investment Ever.”

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Dior remains loyal even in difficult times


In the days when Hollywood slammed its doors on Johnny Depp in the face of the defamation suit that is being sent for jury deliberations, Dior stood like a pillar next to Johnny Depp. Well, the company’s loyalty pays off.

Yes, the demand for Dior Sauvage from Depp fell by 50% during his defamation suit against Amber Heard. In fact, it strengthened the image of both sides. Dior’s Sauvage, backed by Depp, is so popular that it is sold out in both the United States and the United Kingdom.

Even though Dior remained silent, the ads circulated on social media as people made TikToks and Reels saying that Dior supported Depp, despite the fact that Disney left Depp during the false accusations brought by the “Aquaman” star. .

A scent of victory

Fans praise Dior for his decision not to refuse the actor in his hard times. A fan wrote “Yes” to Dior and said he can’t say the same for Disney. Another fan noticed in a magazine an advertisement in which Depp supports Dior and said that he could buy to show his support.

Depp was the face of Dior’s Sauvage in 2015 and it was also special because it was the first Dior colony in 10 years. One of the commercials, however, received reactions to the message and portrayal of Native Americans. However, Depp responded and said he inherited from Native Americans because he was adopted by Comanche before playing Tonto in The Lone Ranger.

Many fans have criticized Disney for its controversial decision to drop the “Pirates of the Caribbean” actor. One user said that paying to wait for Depp hours is the best investment, and Disney knew that. Well, there’s still some hope, because mega-producer Jerry Bruckheimer released a statement saying, “Not right now. The future is yet to be decided. “ He said this when asked if Depp would return as Jack Sparrow or not.

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During court proceedings, Johnny Depp said he wanted to say goodbye to Jack Sparrow’s character when he was fired from the entertainment giant. He said: “Captain Jack Sparrow was a character that I built from scratch and it was something that I put a lot of … you put a lot of yourself into the characters.

Well, as far as Dior is concerned, fans say it was the best investment ever! Dior is certainly making huge profits in both the United States and the United Kingdom for its wise decision.

Regarding Depp’s trial, the civil jury of seven people (five men, two women) deliberated on Tuesday, May 31, after a long weekend break, but ended the day without reaching a verdict. Our prayers are with Johnny and we hope he gets what he deserves!

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