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Johnny Depp pays tribute to daughter Lily Rose Depp! - Winteringhamfields

Johnny Depp wore a bracelet with his daughter’s name on it. source: Hello

  • Johnny Depp always keeps his daughter close to his heart.
  • The actor paid tribute to his daughter in a subtle and emotional way.
  • Depp made sure to keep his daughter with him in mind during his ongoing legal battle.

Johnny Depp makes sure his daughter is with him at all times

As Johnny Depp nears the end of his defamation suit, he doesn’t forget to keep his daughter Lily-Rose with him.

The Hollywood legend wore a unique beaded bracelet with her daughter’s name on it.

Johnny Depp
Johnny Depp paid an emotional tribute to his daughter in the courtroom. source: Hello

During the final arguments in his defamation suit, the actor was photographed wearing the bracelet.

The bracelet was clearly visible under the sleeve of the navy blue blazer on her left hand.

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Among many other accessories, she wore the bracelet named Lily-Rose, the name of her beloved 23-year-old daughter. Lily is the daughter of Johnny and his former French partner Vanessa Paradis.

Johnny Depp
Johnny made sure his daughter was with him in the last days of the trial. source: Hello

Fans speculated that Johnny would have decided to wear the bracelet because it is his way of keeping his daughter close to him in the final stages of the long, difficult and legal process.

Johnny Depp honored his fan during the trial

Johnny also honored one of his fans by wearing her bracelet. Mr Depp was seen wearing “justice for Johnny Depp ” bracelet that seems to have been given to her by a fan named Nina Allen.

Nina accessed her social media account and wrote:

“I’m so glad Johnny is wearing the #JusticeForJohnnyDepp I gave him! I had a lady make 60 of them for me so I could put them on trial. “

Johnny Depp
Johnny wore a bracelet provided by his fan. source: Hello

In a statement given by Depp, he said that he is fighting a long battle for the sake of the truth and his children.

He said:

“Since I knew there was no truth in this, I felt it was my responsibility to support myself, not only in this case, but also to support my children, who were 14 and 16 at the time.”

He concluded by saying:

“I wanted to free my children from this horrible thing they had to read about their father, which was untrue.”

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