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Jurassic World Evolution 2: Dominion Biosyn is the associated expansion of The Dominion

Jurassic World Evolution 2 it will be a new one soon expansion related to the new movie Jurassic World: The Dominionentitled Dominion Biosyn extension and Frontier Development management software is expected to arrive on June 14, 2022, adding a new campaign to its core hardware.

Dominion Biosyn Expansion is clearly based on the events, locations and characters of the new film, and Claire Dearing, Dr. Alan Grant and Dr. It has a new cast that includes Ellie Sattler. The extension also offers: technologies, structures and creatures Through Biosyn, it led to some interesting changes to the game’s mechanics.

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With the expansion of Dominion Biosyn, it will be possible to build new foundations and additional exclusive features, starting with the new genetic research compound, which is a new build compared to what was available on both sides of the series. Along with the new content comes the new “What If” scenario that follows Chaos Theory with the ability to move operations to the Sierra Nevada.

in addition to skins for dinosaur There is also a feathered variant of Tyrannosaurus Rex currently available, as in Dilophosaurus and Parasaurolophus. There will also be new furry creatures such as Therizinosaurus and Pyroraptor and variants of Dreadnoughtus and Gigantosaurus.

In addition, there will be room for more changes to the game’s mechanics and a brand new story that will continue. Meanwhile, Jurassic World Evolution 2 is coming to the Xbox Game Pass catalog, while the second official Italian trailer for Jurassic World: The Dominion has been released.

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