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Madden NFL 23 introduces FIELDSense on PS5, lands on August 19th

It wouldn’t be a new EA Sports ad without a buzzword, and Madden NFL 23 is all about FIELDSense this year. This should not be confused with the HyperMotion motion capture technology previously introduced by FIFA 22, which we expected to address this year - but it seems that the publisher still needs a little more time to implement this.

So what is FIELDSense, then? Well, let’s first look at our publisher’s description: “With new technology and mechanics, FieldSENSE offers a stream of realistic field results. FieldSENSE uses animation branching technology to activate Hit Everything, which redefines physical interactions during the game, allowing players to fight every inch and change the outcome of tackles - either in the air or on the ground. It also offers new mechanisms, such as 360 cuts, giving players the ability to change direction on a penny while controlling ball carriers and Skill Based Passing, a new way of passing that gives players supreme control to place the ball exactly where they want it. , with the power they want. ”

Run it through Corporate Translate a few times and we are actually talking about several permutations of animation, which allow more varied results for approaches and shots. The 360 ​​cuts should give a little more fluency to the ground, while we like the idea of ​​being able to place the ball where only the receivers can catch it - obviously that’s something you see in the NFL every Sunday, where the first defenders they are not only able to find their receiver, but also to locate the exact area where the defenders cannot play. So welcome to the improvements, but as always, the proof will be in the pudding.

It’s worth noting that FIELDSense is exclusively for next-generation consoles like the PS5, so you won’t find it in the PS4 version at all. Other additions and enhancements include new body types and better visual representations of the gaming equipment. There will also be hundreds of new resemblances to coaches and players, and EA Sports has also incorporated the “look” of those new movie theaters that the NFL used for landing parties.

Face of the Franchise will return, with the addition of the cornerback as a playable position, while the Franchise will include various additions and improvements to free agency, contracts and business logic. The game will be released on August 19, and the most expensive edition of All Madden will include dual rights on PS5 and PS4, as well as 4,600 Madden points and three-day advance access. As reported yesterday, NFL icon John Madden will appear on the cover of all the various permutations of the game.

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